All You Need to Know About Getting Featured with Featured Snippets

All You Need to Know About Getting Featured with Featured Snippets!

Generally, when we have a question, without any doubts or thought, we just go on Google and search it. The first article that opens up the most highlighted, we click on it. These boxes that appear on the top are said to be at a position zero in search engine results. 

It is Called a No-Click Search AKA Featured Snippet!

Google and other search engines provide these to help people find answers quickly. Featured snippets are like treasure that you get without seeking, and marketers everywhere want to get their page rank over there. But what is a featured snippet? How do they perform? What are the tips to rank? 

For first, let’s look into

What is the featured snippet?

Featured snippets are boxes that appear at the top of the search results and provide users with valuable information that are absolutely apt to their search. This information is extracted from a relevant website in the search results! A small segment of data is obtained from the site and is showcased with the link to the source. 

These are the new first-place results! They appear below the paid ads, but above all first-page result in SERPs. These are effective for earning clicks and traffic to your site fast. 

what is featured snippet

How does a featured snippet look like?

  • Not just a title tag and a meta description, as a result, a featured snippet consists of an image, an ordered or numbered list, a table, or an answer to a searcher’s question. So, if a searcher search for especially ‘What, Why, How, When, Where’, he/she is going to discover your article/blog/website in featured snippets if it answers the searched question. 
  • The result also includes a link to the page of information and the URL. 

Why Featured Snippets?

  • If you have the most traffic by mobile phone, then it is super-beneficial for you as featured snippets will be seen more broadly and prominently on mobile phones than on desktop screen. 
  • These are user-friendly as they showcase answer to the searcher without clicking. So, if you have the best solution, you have a visitor!
  • They’re engaging.
  • They are above position one of the search result page. 

But, here is an issue, you can’t make your page a featured snippet. It is upto Google’s discretion, whether to rank it or not!

What can you do then?

You can increase your chances to be a featured snippet! I am here with the best tips and tricks that you can use to increase your chances by optimising your page. 

Let’s Begin! 

01. Keyword research:

For first, anything you wish to rank needs keyword as the back support. So, for featured snippets you need the strong support of keywords. Just do the research as you would do for your website content. 

As mentioned above that a featured snippet usually answers a question, i.e., when a person types a query with ‘What, Why, When, Where, How’, this gives us a clear idea that your keyword research should be majorly on ‘Long-Tail Keyword Phrases’. 

This increases your chance to rank!

Keyword research

02. Use Images:

As mentioned above, featured snippets display images, and so it is crucial for you to add relevant photos. Photographs not only create a great user experience but also provide visuals for the targeted keyword. For instance, if you are posting a recipe for baking cookies, then you have to give an image of the recipe or add the images that show the entire steps. 

This will increase the chances. 

03. Go for formatting content in lists or bullets:

Another thing that is most ranked on featured snippet is the listed content. So to increase the chances of your content to be featured, include listings and bullet points. Also, pointers are always easier to understand rather than big paragraphs, if you see from the perspective of a reader and this is understood by Google as they rank more of this content. 

04. Headings that are a question:

People search for queries online, and they are maximum questions! And, you can take advantage of this by making your headlines as a question relevant to the keyword. Also, you can add questions in subheading making it easier for Google to make it rank.

digital marketing certified

05. Subheadings are super-important:

This simple thing always goes unnoticed, it is the most significant thing that increases your chances to earn that spot. According to some research, it is found that the snippets are almost queries being answered, and so in order to earn more featured snippets, simply answer more questions on your page. 

This was all about the featured snippet! Try and look out for your article on the top. 

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