What made Orionators Ad Campaign for Meridian Mall, a Successful Experiment

A Success Story on How Orionators got an Increased ROI with Small Investment

Strategy, successive hit and trials, recursive pitfalls and hard earned money, all get invested in creating success stories. At the end of every investment, what we seek to get is increased profits. Every success story has a unique way or a unique plan that worked in favour of their victory to achieve high returns on minimum investments. One such story is ours. 

This case study is solely to narrate the simple manoeuvres we implemented on the project of social media promotion for the upcoming Miraj Meridian Mall, only to get the unexpectedly good results. 

Miraj Meridian Mall is coming as the first shopping mall in Nathdwara. The mall will exhibit luxurious amenities sitting at the nearest proximal distance to the most famous attraction points in Nathdwara, namely, Shrinath Ji temple, Statue Of Belief and Rajsamand Lake. 

We at Orionators had an objective to create an ad campaign to apprise people about the leasing opportunities available at the minimum lease prices inside the mall. The major motive of the campaign was to invite interested business seekers to avail the commercial spaces available inside the mall so that the mall, as well as the city’s economy, flourishes. 

How did we Plan the Ad Campaign?

We started running 2 campaigns on Facebook and 1 on Google AdWords.

  • On Facebook, there were two ads: 
  1. One Ad to bring interested traffic to the lead form. Here we spent a budget as low as Rs. 4425.
  2. And the other to get the direct leads through CTA, spending Rs 7,179.
  • On Adwords, again, we created an ad to generate traffic. We spent Rs. 4481 on that ad.

What was the Lead Form for these Ads?

Our ad was designed to target the people who wanted to start a business so that they can get to know about the commercial space available on lease inside the mall. After the advertisement went live on 17th May 2019, we started observing that there were quite a large number of irrelevant leads that were disturbing the clarity of the campaign results. 

Lead form (final):

What made Orionators Ad Campaign for Meridian Mall, a Successful Experiment
What made Orionators Ad Campaign for Meridian Mall, a Successful Experiment

Earlier from the initial form design, we were getting leads from job seekers whom we did not even want to target in the first place. This was disturbing the leads and was not ending up into conversions. To clear the results, we created a separate checkbox for job seekers, upon clicking which we were successful in separating the section of job seeking leads. We adopted the A/B testing, wherein our lead form was changed somehow with adding a few filters, upon not giving the desired results. 

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method in which we compare two trials methods against each other, just to determine which one can perform better. In marketing, two variants of the same page (lead page in our case) are shown to random users and the analysis so prepared is used to determine which one can help us reach our conversion goal better.

So, by making the required changes in the lead form and implementing them on 20th May 2019, we found that we were able to get clearer leads. As a result, our ads were performing unexpectedly well and were rendering more conversions. Observe the following statistics proving the success of this testing. 

What made Orionators Ad Campaign for Meridian Mall, a Successful Experiment

Moving on to the Conversion Report:

We chose two ways to generate the leads: Direct Leads Ad and one way to get traffic: Landing page leads Ad. On Facebook, we had 2 ads:

1. Direct lead Ad: A Direct lead targets the already added site visitors. They who click this ad were directly targeted and will not have to fill in any information/lead form. Through this Ad, we got 81 leads and 17 conversions.

2. Leads through Landing page: This ad is an indirect type of lead generation Ad, wherein, the customers arrive at the landing page and they have to fill a contact form, dropping their bare minimum details, if they find the ad useful. This helps in targeting new leads and helps the advertiser to identify the leads that he can target directly through Ad in future campaigns. Through this Ad, we got 3 leads and 1 conversion.

On Adwords also, we got the expected traffic through ad generation.

It is here where we realized our Success:

There is no one-size-fits-all concept in case of Cost per lead. A CPL metric differs from campaign to campaign, but all that matters is that it helps you determine the efficiency of your ad campaign. We noticed the following:

The total budget we spent on Facebook, on direct leads as well as on lead through landing page was Rs. 12144. Out of which, we spent Rs. 4425 on direct leads ad and Rs. 7719 on landing page leads Ad. 

We know, the higher is the rate of conversion -> smaller is the cost per lead you have to pay and more efficient is your advertisement. So, as per the industry standards, the conversion percentage has gone as only as high as 10.68%, whereas, in our case, we managed to touch the conversion percentage of 21.4% from direct leads and 33% from the leads through the landing page. 

What made Orionators Ad Campaign for Meridian Mall, a Successful Experiment

It is obvious that setting quantifiable benchmarks and correct set of filters help us in getting increased payback on various campaigns thereby helping in getting high Return on Investment. Just never stop testing and keep learning more and more about what content works better for you, to get higher conversions.

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