A Peek into the Hide & Seek's Successful Tik-Tok Campaign

A Peek into the Hide & Seek’s Successful Tik-Tok Campaign

Yes, you read it right, Hide & Seek did a successful campaign on Tik-Tok, the most trolled and the meme-centric application. I told you in the previous blog, no platform can be judged for the caliber it holds until and unless you put up quality content.

Yes, quality content is what is required on TikTok rather than the shitty content and storylines being popular! Agreed to Carry Minati on this.

Hide & Seek TikTok Campaign saw 12 Billion Views on its Page through an Influencer Outreach. 

Brand Introduction -

Launched in 1996 and best known for its rich chocolaty experience, and for its one of a kind chocolate chip cookies in India, Hide & Seek is currently pinned at an average of 2,400 tonnes per month in volume. This biscuit is leading with a market share volume of 74%. It is the most loved biscuits, and this brand has grown and achieved the milestones to become the most loved brand for biscuits today. 

This was all about the brand! Coming back to the campaign!

What was the problem they were thinking to tackle with this campaign?

  • Build importance for the unique amalgamation of ‘Hide & Seek’ GIFs. 
  • Gain popularity and increase usage. 
  • Create creative and engaging content in order to drive awareness and increase usage for the brand GIFs.
  • Take full-fledged advantage of top influencers to push content on TikTok and drive traction to the microsite.

Are you asking about which brand GIF we are talking about, here is the GIF that created a wave amid the influencers and TikTokers. 

‘Hide & Seek’ GIFs

How did they implement this successful campaign?

It all started with a concept, a story-line, and a unique name all in one GIF of the brand - ‘We Share a Connection’. The concept was easy to understand, all in all, it was a Bollywood love story! The concept involved a boy and a girl as key characters and a love story involving them. And, this love connection was felt around a heart-shaped cookie, which is our loved ‘Hide & Seek’. 

Easy, engaging, and effective right?

The above GIF acted as an example for the TikTokers out there who can easily create a storyline around it while also depicting relationship which the boy and girl share. And, it got successful after the launch! Top influencers of TikTok posted videos around this simple GIF concept, and followers were encouraged to share their version of TikTok. And, all of it was doing circles with a unique hashtag  #SeekDontHide.  

The campaign was successful on all the social media platforms including TikTok application. 

To everyone’s surprise - 

Parle’s #SeekDontHide campaign on TikTok garnered over 5 Billion reach in just 3 days!

Execution of this fantastic campaign:

  • Top influencers of TikTok were asked to create their own version around the GIF. 
  • The CTA button redirected followers to the microsite where the GIFs could be shared through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. 


It was shared by almost all the TikTok influencers and also gained acceleration when the followers of influencers were asked to showcase their talent too! Amazing strategy!

It is also the best example of User-Generated Content that we learned about in the blogs of previous week. 

How Successful was this Campaign?

  • It has received more than 12+ Billion views on TikTok with a cumulative reach of 140 Million! It has been recorded as the highest score amid the FMCG brands. 
  • The microsite also received more than 70 Million views!
  • In just 3 days of the launch, the microsite added more than 2000 new visitors!

This is how amazingly the campaign by Hide & Seek was successful! This is a pure example of how a unique campaign can drive amazing traffic even on applications that are controversial like TikTok. In this blog, we have learned about how the campaign was a superhit, and what we can learn from it. Though the YouTube vs TikTok controversy prevails still, it is high time for digital marketers to see both the platforms as an opportunity to grow and earn a lot. 

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