Best UGC Campaigns

A Lineup of Some of the Best UGC Campaigns that Attracted Plenty of Engagement!

User-generated content is what doing the rounds! Yes, customers or fans or followers are the real king! A good review, a good video about your brand’s product or service can drive more engagement then you posting it!

User-generated content is known to boost the leads, boost engagement, and creates trust and reliability among the audience! I made you come across the benefits it holds, and the ways in which it can be encouraged more in the previous blogs. According to research -

Consumers find UGC 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision.

And, moreover, to argue with user-generated content, there are many tactics to promote the brands, still, the audiences are looking for something to value more, and something that is authentic. So, in bold, italic, and underline - User-generated content emerges as the perfect alternative to build the brand positively, and also provides the trustworthy information to customers so that they can make the best purchasing decision. To add more, it helps in increasing engagement too. 

I did a little research on the best user-generated campaigns ever and have created a list of them below. Read and know about their success. 

01. Starbucks White Cup and Red Cup Challenge:

One of the best user-generated content! Customers across the country were asked to doodle on their Starbucks iconic cups and submit pictures as entries. As I explained in the blog yesterday that giving an offer or a reward makes everyone excited about the contest. And, this is what Starbucks did.  

They promise that the winning entry would be the template for a new limited edition Starbucks cup. 

Starbucks cup.


Nearly 4,000 customers submitted entries in a 3-week span! It earned great publicity and also proved that it strongly valued customer feedback earning the brand a great trust. 

Moreover, after the success of the white cup! They hosted the #RedCupContest during the holiday season for the promotion of its seasonal beverages. Which also was a huge success. 


02. Fevicol:

One of the most iconic brands and the brand that rules the advertising with its amazing approach in each of the creative, Fevicol also earned maximum benefits with the user-generated content. It launched a campaign on its 60th birthday. With its quirky caption as - 

“Aisa mauka saath saal mein ek baar hi aata hai! Presenting the 

#MyFevicolAd contest. Watch the video to find out how a simple idea can win you an iPhone 11, Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 5000, and the best one will be made into a Fevicol ad! Mauka aaya hai. Pakad lena, chhodna nahi!

#MyFevicolAd #MazbootJod !”

They come up with a unique hashtag and a unique game to participate in! Being the one with witty and quirky ads, this brand encouraged their fans and consumers to make a proper ad of Fevicol that was equally funny and quirky. 

The top 3 winners were promised Amazon gift vouchers. The campaign got super-viral and the people participated in it with full enthusiasm. The engagement was double in just a few weeks. You can view the Instagram post here


03. Apple:

For creating awareness iPhone’s stunning camera quality, Apple created a campaign inviting iPhone users to submit their best shots. It was reviewed by a panel of judges. Users were asked to post their best shots taken on iPhone to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag - #ShotOniphone.  

10 winning photos were selected of the worldwide photo submissions! And, they were featured on billboards in selected cities and also in Apple retail stores, and online platforms owned by Apple! Yes, amazing right. 

The campaign got so viral that over the years it has become a movement! The hashtag is looked upon as a mark of pride and quality work. It is one of the best user-generated content campaigns that has still its roots. As people are still using hashtags. The transparency maintained by the brand was the key to success!


The 10 winners were from Singapore, Germany, Belarus, Israel, and the US. Winning photos were shot on the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. And, the above picture was shot from iPhone 7 by German contest winner Robert Glasser. 

04. UN Environment:

#BeatAirPollution! In an effort to beat the air pollution and to create a vivid awareness about it, UN Environment asked audiences to share a creative mask photo and a commitment to #BeatAirPollution. The audience further challenged their friends to join in to make a difference. The entire user-generated content campaign kicked off with Dia Mirza posting a picture with her face masked. And, also promising towards beating the air pollution. 


Further many of them took part in this movement with their pictures with a mask on. 

 pictures with a mask on

05. All India Bakchod:

All India Bakchod with the renowned and the actor who rules the heart of many, Irfan Khan came up with the campaign, ‘Dank Irfan Memes’ for the promotion of his film ‘Hindi Medium’. And, till now, after even ‘English Medium’ being a super hit and Irfan leaving for his heavenly abode, the memes are still surfacing. 

What did they do? AIB through their social media handles distributed the internet’s most famous meme template. Remember it?

English Medium

It is still relevant! 

If you are planning to create a great user-generated campaign, now is your time to shine. There are many more, like the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola, and the campaigns doing rounds for spreading the awareness of Coronavirus.

User-generated content strategies are the best way of engaging with your fans or audiences. It builds a healthy relationship of trust and also helps in increasing engagement and also creates awareness for the environment like the #BeatAirPollution mask challenge by the UN.  

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