A Foolproof Formula for Easy Email Marketing

A Foolproof Formula for Easy Email Marketing

Authentic connection with the audience? Don’t worry, email marketing is here! As a brand, our most valuable asset is the audience and it is the right time to embrace them! We have discussed that it is super important to pay attention to email marketing if you have been ignoring it for a while. From building trust amid the audience to giving the best ROI, emails have been playing the most profit in the digital marketing world. 

Do you know how many email users are there worldwide? 

The total number is 3.8 Billion email users!

And, you shouldn’t be missing it!

It is the best place to market your products or services, or even stay in touch with your target audience. It is the perfect place to reach your customers and also find them. Email marketing is an easy-peasy process to target the brand’s audience. It helps in boosting conversions and revenue!

You might be thinking what use it has? I have already got you acquainted with the benefits it holds for the business or a brand, but when to use email marketing?

when to use email marketing

Okay, stop thinking, here are the many ways to use email marketing -

  • You can use it when you wish to build a connection with the audience. If you are thinking that you cannot pay attention to your beloved audience, you can personalize an email to increase engagement and build relationships. 
  • It can be used to boost brand awareness. It is capable to keep your company up-to-date with regular emails. All you have to do is keep your services and product finest!
  • So you wrote a content, a great readable and amazing content to be precise, but it is of no use if it isn’t reaching out to your audiences. Come on they are waiting for it. And, this is when email marketing is used. Use email to share blog content or useful things to your audience. 
  • Generate leads! Emails are the best way to entice your TG or even fans! Entice them to provide you the information in exchange for an offer or something valuable. 
  • You cannot go and knock on each door to market your products instead you can use social media, and moreover email marketing to reach out to 3.8 Billion email users. Promoting services and products becomes easy with email marketing. 

And, we also have artificial intelligence to help fabricate the best email according to the user’s search, want, and their connection with your brand. Amazing right? Want to start with it right away?

So, let’s begin!

Foolproof Formula to Get Started with Email Marketing 

After reading all the statistics in the previous blogs, and making a mindset to attain success through it, you might be wondering how it is done, what are the ways in which I can start it? How can I make a list of contacts and what should be in the mail? 

Stop thinking. I know there is a vast possibility of success in email marketing but it is equally important to understand the entire process rather than directly jumping onto sending emails. 

So let’s break down the entire process into key steps so that you can start creating a strong email campaign. 

01. Choose an email service provider:

Yes, if you are super serious to start with email marketing for your brand, then it is highly advised that you choose an email service provider. An email service provider allows users to send emails to a list of subscribers. It makes the entire procedure easier for you! You can leverage email marketing automation to broadcast an email to large groups. Also, this will help you with tracking! You can track who is opening and engaging with your mails or mail campaign. This data will help you to improvise, and deliver the best for generating more leads.

02. Gather contacts:

Most businesses have their contact list ready but it is really an issue for the ones starting off new. You can start off by spreading a form online on your website, or you can do the marketing on Instagram and make them fill a form to enter into a new contest or give them discounts and get the email contacts. Or you can get support from your friends and family members. 

Gather contacts

Don’t get discouraged, keep working! An online sign-up form is the best way to add up contacts. Don’t ever purchase the contact list, it will put you into a trap, instead build one slowly and effectively. Connecting with a smaller list of quality contacts adn then moving ahead from them to reach out more, is the finest way to build a contact list. 

03. Add contacts to your email marketing account:

So, for now, you have a couple of contacts in your hand through the sign-up form and Instagram form, and it is the right time to compile them into a list and your contacts into your account. Also, you can form lists that have different parameters, for instance, if you have a digital marketing agency you can send different emails to the existing clients like send them offers or how you are doing their job. And, for the ones who are the potential clients you can send them ‘invite emails’, or something exciting that they trust your brand.  

So, if you wish to create and organize list then it will be more helpful for you.

This way you can send out a targeted email!

04. A welcome email is a must:

The welcome email has a higher open rate! Yes, when people sign-in on your website or into your service they expect an email. 

The average open rate of a welcome email is 82%!

According to research, a whopping 82% is the average open rate of the welcome email. Open rates are super-important, it shows that people are interested in your emails. It shows how well your emails are performing. After all, we all are doing email marketing because we want to reach out to our customers, or potential customers, and even create interest in them for our brand. 

Welcome Emails’ are the best way to inculcate interest in your audience. Send information in the welcome email which is your USP or which sets your brand apart from others, but make sure it is indirect and smooth. 

It is especially important as it will set the first impression and reach people at a time when they are already engaging with your brand. 

Deliver value in the welcome email for higher returns!

Start with a warm greeting, provide a summary of your brand, or what services you give, and even you can write something that they can expect from you in the future. 

05. Make sure your subject line is compelling:

An urge to read in the audience can be brought up if you use the best subject line. Mark this - if the subject line isn’t compelling then people are not going to open up the email. Follow this rule - short and effective. 

Make sure your subject line is compelling

Spend time on the subject line before you end up sending an email that has zero open rates. Make a good impression and people wouldn’t hold back to open up your email. Write something that they think is for them, or they think that if they miss it, they might miss something important. 

40 characters are the best word count for a subject line!

Tips for the best subject line - 

Grab your pen and pencil, here I am giving you some of the best tips for writing the best subject line - 

  • Less is more. Keep the subject line short and sweet. 
  • Show urgency, or inculcate interest, or raise curiosity in the subject line. For instance, ‘Don’t miss on it or you’ll regret’. 
  • Personalize the emails. Start by addressing them by their name like ‘Rajesh are you missing this in your life?’. This will set up more connections. 
  • Don’t be afraid of being punny. 

This was all about how you can kickstart email marketing for your brand or even learn it for your future job! It is the best way to reach out to your beloved clients or customers and keep them entertained with best offers and something valuable, after all they are the ones that drive the entire success. Email marketing is just another way to generate leads and generate revenue. 

And, if you are planning to learn any of these techniques or wish to study the entire digital marketing, then learn digital marketing course at the Orionators School of Learning – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing training institute. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

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