A Beginner’s Guide to the Video Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to the Video Marketing

What do you think is more acceptable and comprehensive? A video or a detailed blog? I assume you have uttered 'Video'.

It is no surprise as we know the videos have gained immense popularity on each of the social platforms and channels rather than the other static content. This is solely because of the fact that the videos are easily understandable and are also memorable. 

The more the video is engaging, the more it is perceived and consumed by the masses.

The top leading brands are now using videos as a superior marketing strategy. And, this is unique because every platform and every channel will outreach more people and engage more traffic to your website. 

Video marketing is a part of digital marketing and un-arguably an inevitable part. You can use it as a platform to promote and market your products or also use it as a prime way to increase a heap of engagement on your website.  

The video marketing is central to the digital marketing world and can put a boost to the sales, plus it has an added benefit of targeting and lingering on with the right audience for long. While various digital marketing courses will get you the idea of this marketing tactic, but it is you who has to ideate and implement it for your individual benefit. 

The perfect instance:

Videos created by Kitkat! They are short, fun, and completely satisfying and surrounding the brand strategy. With just a few seconds, they create an everlasting effect on the viewers plus also promote their product.

Are you wondering what we are bragging about? And, how would it affect the sales and the engagement more? Know it below. 

What is Video Marketing?

First of all, here is a basic insight into what is video marketing? 

It is an elite digital marketing tactic that is just the right blend of engaging videos and marketing campaigns. You can use it for everything, from a brewing business or for promoting your services and products. 

Here is a fact – It is observed that after watching a video, there are 60-85% chances that the customer will make a purchase! 

Note that a perfect miscellany of audio and video will be more understandable and interesting rather than one of them alone.

video marketing


Why What and How of Video Marketing?

The question is why video marketing when there are ample ways to achieve the same motive? Well, here it is – it is observed and a study that people engage in more of the visual content than any other medium. 

Plus, you can track the audience engagement in the videos and accordingly decide the content of the next video in making, so that you can attract more of the targeted audience. 

People nowadays prefer simple, short and memorable content that has some benefits for them and doesn’t waste their time. But that doesn’t mean that you create a video marketing content that takes up a lot of time and has no use in the end. 

All you have to do is create a video that drives sales and raise awareness of your brand. But it is not that simple and requires a lot of monitoring of what people love the most and how they are engaging on their level.

But the question lies how?

As you have only a few minutes to create an exemplary video that inspires and attracts the targets, it is important to follow a few key points:

  • Brainstorming session for the best storyline: How will you reflect your motive through a story? Sit with your team or do jam-packed research to come up with the best script!
  • Get the best resources: Go get the best video editing applications. The more the video is presentable and quirky, the more it is engaging. 
  • Hook your audience: While you are creating and ideating, it is super-important that you don’t lose the main motive. Move around the main objective and create an engaging storyline that keeps your viewers glued.
  • Cut and crop: While making the video we probably exaggerate more on the product and the brand and extend the normal length of the video. This might result in people getting bored. So, cut the irrelevant content and make it up to the mark. Remember this - Shorter and crisp videos is more likable. 
  • Share it: Post the video everywhere on the social media platforms and even on your website. 
  • Tags are the way: Don’t forget to add tags! Tags are important as these will let your videos be found easier in the search engine. This is the best way to get noticed and attain rankings in the google search.
  • Track and improvise: Not everything will just fall onto the right place in one go, so analyze the traffic and get onto the drawbacks in the next one. This needs to be identified importantly to get the tracking of the most engaged leads and put up an ingenious idea.



These were few things to remember about how to get your hands in the digital marketing era via video marketing skills.

Reasons why Video Marketing is Important?

Are you wondering how video marketing will drive benefits for you and your brands? Then, read the points jotted below.



  1. Better engagement and better revenue: People using video marketing gains more percentage of engagement on their website. This engagement will also result in the growth of the revenue and you may earn more benefits. 
  2. You influence the public: With a good storyline, you gain the interest of the people and help them in making buying decisions. According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers say that the video marketing strategy has helped them to increase awareness about their products and services.
  3. Rank higher on SERP’s: Effective use of the videos can make you rank higher. The amount of time a visitor spends on your site will help you rank higher on the google search and trust us, an engaging and entertaining video is the way to go.
  4. Get Shared: Videos get shared more than texts and images. Plus, these are 100% more interesting and unique than the other methods. So, it is going to be resultantly shared more by the folks.

This was all about video marketing and the benefits it holds! Attract your audience through an attractive and interesting storyline and get ample perks. It can surely increase your click-through rates and revenues. 

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For more information and to gain more insight into the topic and other digital marketing related terms, don’t forget to see our YouTube videos


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