How to grow your email list fast?

Tips and Tricks to Help you Grow your Email list of Subscribers

One of the biggest myths that people nowadays believe in, after “The Bats are blind” is that ‘Email Marketing is dying a slow death!’ Many marketers tend to think that the increasing use of social media, it is going to leave behind Email Marketing. But to shatter this myth, email marketing is still up to 40% more effective than Social media, according to research completed by McKinsey and Company. And they also proved that conversions are 3 times faster through email marketing than through social media. 

This is an established fact that 91% of people access their email list at least once each day, and that too when 92% of the internet users have at least one email account.  On the contrary, not everybody is on social media, and more importantly, not everybody is following you on social media. Adding on, research says that the number of email users will grow to 3 billion by 2020. 

So, now you must have realized why it is crucial to know how to grow your email list so that you can pitch your potential customers from there. So, take a look at the 9 ways to grow your email list:

1. Display the Intentions of your Email on Point

The email that you send to the target customers must show your clear intent. You must, in the first place, know why your product will be useful for the client or how your product/service is going to solve their problem, etc. If you manage to answer that, come up with a creative idea that will convince the users and incorporate it into your subscriber button or Emailer tag/headlines. 

For example, you can add a subscribe button like-“get an advantage over your competitors” or “read the blog” or “Wanna feel more informed?” or “get access to premium content”, etc. 

Such text and creative help you stand out, also, never forget to drop “you can unsubscribe anytime” link to win the trust of your customers. This adds genuine.

2. An Optimized Landing Page

How to grow your email list fast?

You do not necessarily have to drag your client every time to your website’s home page. In fact, a landing page is a better-preferred option. Landing pages have the ability to convert up to 15% of clients as compared to the conversions through homepage that are as low as 3%. 

Your landing page will be effective, with the following:

  1. Catchy Headline
  2. Super-creative (yet on point) CTA
  3. Small form page

To learn more about making effective landing pages, refer this.

3. Leverage your Social Media Smartly

How to grow your email list fast?

With your newsletter, drop links to your posts on social media. For example, you can use LinkedIn to interact with various people who show interest in your business/service. You can also promote various social media posts that you create if you feel that will grab the interest of your customers.

Include your email signature at the end of the mail and make sure it is promising. This way people feel that will be able to directly contact with the business. You can A/B test which variation of your signature gets more clicks and then use it. 

4. Create Contests on Social Media

How to grow your email list fast?

Contests definitely help in attracting a broader audience with likes, shares and comments. A contest is like a party going with so many people actively participating, if and only if they find it fun and relatable. So from your contests, ask people to sign-up or bait them to fill the landing form, so that you get a green signal from their side. 

Since not many contests demand email id for participation, but if you have a way to lure it, you are a winner. So, redirect them to some landing page and there you can get their email, at the cost of ensuring them some benefits of doing so.

Do not go over the board with contest prizes, because you do not only want to give away prizes here, you want to keep the clients. So, keep rewards that make them come back to you.

5. Guest Blogging

Create quality content and get it posted on prominent websites or at various bloggers’/influencers’ pages. Collaborations are always beneficial because this association helps your website link travel faster with more and more number of people clicking on it. So, more subscribers!! 

6. Say “NO” to Buying Email Lists

Buying a list always does more harm than good, because this way you are also risking yourself as a spam mail to the mailbox of people who have never shown any sign of interest in your product/service. 

You will only be able to score a high number of subscribers if you have succeeded in earning their trust. With the purchased lists, you may get one of two signups at the heat of the moment, but there will be no guarantee that those subscribers will stay forever. 

And if anybody sells you a list of emails, it means that list is also of no use to them. So, earn your clients because that is the only way to get stability in the number of subscribers.

7. Promote a Viral Giveaway

How to grow your email list fast?

Giveaways are the most effective trick that helps in growing your email list. Following are the three factors that affect a giveaway the most:

1. Exciting gifts/prizes are very important, but make sure you gift things like products from your site, gift vouchers, free tools, points, etc. 

2. You can try to partner with prominent brands to supply prizes to your participants. Partnership with brands helps you promote your giveaway across their list as well, thus getting you a wider range of audience.

3. You can ask your participants to share the link in order to be able to participate in the contest. This way a viral loop will be created that will promote your contest on a massive platform.

8. Create Attractive Email Optins

With optin clicks, you can make any text, image or link reach to people who if like it tends to subscribe. If the text on your optin form is catchy enough to entice the reader then they end up reading it completely. This gets your attention and amplifies the chances of fetching potential subscribers.

Take special care of the headlines, CTA button and text and you are there.

9. Take Help from Cross-promotion

How to grow your email list fast?

When we get partnered with another famous brand and launch collective offers, then both the brands get to enjoy the benefit. Plus, with this, we get just the double number of emails to popularize the campaign at.  

There are two cross-promotion ideas that can be leveraged:

1. Webinars are a win. When you can partner with the leader in your niche to run a webinar on your platform, then this is a considerable help. 

2. Hosting events and giving out tickets free in exchange for signups is one hit trick that works all the time. 

Satisfied with the tricks? So now you have zero excuses for not growing your email list. Just try these and thank us later!

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