How to make a landing page that converts

How to Make your Landing Page Better than your Competitors?

A landing page is like the first impression of your website, which is very important. There is no second chance to make a first impression, we know. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to work on your landing page. We work so hard on creating optimized ads, strategizing content and brainstorming effective catchy headlines for the target audience. But all of that goes into vain when you fail to keep them engaged for long even after succeeding in grabbing their attention in the first place. Much cry and little wool!

Also, the landing page is where you get your leads convinced into making a conversion. An informative and well-designed landing page will communicate to your visitors that you are on the ball. It builds a trust that you are not much ado about nothing. So to take it seriously, adapt the following tips that will help you optimize your landing page:

1. Keep your content simple

Landing page content should be as minimum as possible. Make sure your content speaks about the benefits of your products/services rather than mentioning its features because that sells. Content on the landing page must be precise, on point and simple.

2. Ask for minimum information

Make sure that your lead form asks only the required information that you truly need from your customers. Rather, asking for an email address, name and contact number suffices in most of the cases. The shorter the lead form, the higher are the chances for it to get filled.

3. Make use of analytics

Making use of the analytics data, one can leverage the report to improve the performance of the landing page. You get to know the screen size of the people who tend to open your site. Your landing page must be optimized for mobile, tab and other screen resolutions as well. It can even help you know the preferences of your visitors, how much time does it take to open the page, etc. A landing page must take a minimum amount of time to open, only then will the people choose to stay.

Also, after realizing the choices of your visitors as fetched from the analytics report, one can work on the design of the landing page as well. Do not make the design too heavy or too showy, minimalist landing page design is the need of the hour.

4. Use powerful images

There is no denying to the fact that relatable and powerful images drive the user to the path of conversion. It is the images that convey the intentions of your website, so make sure the images you use on your landing page draw attention towards the CTA and drag user’s attention to the actual purpose of the landing page.

5. Drop simple links through your content

Your content must not only serve the purpose of keeping your readers entertained only today. In fact, one must leverage Facebook content, blog content, press releases and newsletter content to bring readers to your landing page today and beyond. Adding simple links to the teasers that will unfold later, this will help drive leads to the lead form and force them to fill it to stay updated about the process until the teaser unfolds.

6. Align Ad Content with Landing Page Content

The headline of your ad and that of your landing page must match, to make a clear statement of your objective to the customer. This way you will have reduced chances of facing bounce rate. This will also help in improving the quality of your Adwords. The Headline, being the first thing your visitors see, must be compelling, so learn the tips to create an effective headline here.

7. Address to consumer anxieties

When the products or services that you are selling is a bit complex, or expensive, then users tend to have high anxieties before trusting your offer. Make sure, in that case, you landing page as more information and clear information about your product. This convinces users better, leading to conversions.

While in case of simple service/product, just make landing page attractive with a less, yet precise explanation. Try to create a headline, or offer, that relates to users emotions and makes them feel that you understand their side of the situation. No bland and boring landing page are going to evoke the excitement in users, thus being an epic fail.

8. Keep Call To Action a little efficacious

Call to action button is another opportunity that helps create conversions. Wanna know how?
Example 1. Click to get my free course module
Example 2. Submit
Which one are you more likely to click? User must feel that he/she is going to get something upon filling the lead form. So, keep the CTA button line short, simple and user effective.

9. Designing matters

Avoid having multiple extra links and other unwanted pop-ups that can distract the user, and force them to leave the landing page. Also, the landing page must be well designed, so that it is responsive on all types of devices.
Do not forget to add the elements that state the security and trust issues of the customer. For eg. Keep:
a. User reviews/success stories
b. A number of subscribers
c. Certifications you have achieved
d. Security badges you own/ successful projects
These things make your landing page look more genuine.

How can I keep the Design of my Landing Page Optimized?

Just keep in mind the following mantras:
A. Make no compromise with elegance in the design of your landing page. REMEMBER ‘the less is more!’
B. Prefer adding active visuals (like animations, gifs, etc.) than passive ones, to keep the user entertained. Good page transitions are also appreciated as long as they do not increase the loading time.
C. Keep chatbots to make the audience feel like their doubts will be heard.
D. If possible, explain your idea with an explanatory video on the landing page. This helps in being even more on point.

Lastly, with the continuous change in trends, there may be many other things that you can incorporate to make your landing page even more effective and likeable. But always remember to not overfill or unnecessarily stuff this crucial page that might lead to increased negative results and bounce rates. To know more technicalities that can optimize your landing page, join us at Orionators School of Learning to learn from the experienced professionals. So, all your hard work renders successful results.

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