7 Types Of Logo Every Beginner Must Know

7 Types Of Logo Every Beginner Must Know

You are all set with your plan to launch your brand/business! Filled with enthusiasm, you are about to post for your brand online, but at one step you stop - profile picture!

What should you be putting up? When you’re considering all of the factors that makes a way towards business building, it is important that you don’t miss out on the logo. 

What is a logo?

A logo is a combination of multiple elements, especially, text and imagery. It forms a visual symbol that represents your vision for your business. As the entire business system is build around - Vision, mission, value, and purpose. And, it is the only thing that people remember. 

Over 90% of the global population recognize the iconic Coca-Cola’s logo.

Coca-Cola’s logo

Why? Because, people recognize and memorize it normally. The red colour is used in the logo to encourage appetite and for happiness. The red color itself is one of the factors that we remember it! 

Why logo is important?

Think of it as a face of your business! Yes, people remember brands by their logo. When I say, let’s order from Mc Donalds, the first thing that strikes your mind is the unique red and yellow logo. Because it grabs all the attention, makes a strong first impression and in all it is a foundation of your brand identity. Moreover, your logo is UNIQUE, it separates you from others and it fosters brand loyalty. 

Before you turn on the creative side, it is crucial for you to understand the different types of logos. Since, it is the first thing that your customer base will see, I advice you to make sure it is right. 

Let’s look at the types. 

01. Abstract logo:

Abstract logos are the ones where you can be the most experimental. These logos are conceptual and doesn’t use recognizable image/object - like a bottle, a cart, or bird, instead it is designed by using geometric form that represents the business. 

To condense - It is just a symbol that defines your brand. 

It will squeeze your brand into a single image through geometric form. Do you remember the famous flower logo of Adidas? 

 flower logo of Adidas

And, more of the abstract logo example includes - Pepsi. Abstract logo let you expand your brain cells and condense your brand in a logo by using something unique, something that defines your brand. 

For instance, the flowery strip-y logo of Adidas or the trefoil version is used for the Originals product line (casual apparel and shoes). While the one with mountain and three strips of Adidas logo indicates a mountain pointing toward the challenges and goals people need to overcome. 

What is the benefit of an abstract logo?

The benefits of an abstract mark are -

  • Conveys what your business represent symbolically. 
  • You can create an emotion about your brand by playing intelligently with colours and forms. 
  • The abstract logo isn’t limited to a real-world object or image, there’s a lot of room to creatively define your brand with geometric attributes. 

It is saying more with less!

02. Mascot logo:

Logos that have an illustrated character as the centre element is called a mascot logo. These are colorful, cartoonish and fun. It is unarguably the most friendly type of logo, it has image of a character or a person that acts as an anchor for the brand. The mascot logo is a perfect way to create your spokesperson or character. 

Mascot logo

A mascot is an illustrated character that represents your brand. 

For instance, the KFC logo, Pillsbury, and Kellogg’s. They have created a friendly environment by appealing more to families and children. The pilsbury dough guy is loved by everyone.

pilsbury dough guy


It encourages customer interaction so it is a great tool for engaging audiences with your mascot on social media page and other marketing platforms. 

03. Wordmark or logotype:

It is a font-based logo that focuses just on the brand name. Just like Coca-cola! This type of logo works efficiently for those brands/businesses who have concise and unique name. For instance, the Google logo, Coca-cola logo, and many more that just have names in a certain font. 

 Google logo, Coca-cola logo

Make sure if you are going for this logo then the name is catchy and memorable. So, when you combine it with typography, the logo is a complete package and sets a foundation of brand identity and recognition. 

04. Lettermark or monogram:

Monogram logos or the lettermarks are typography-based logos that comprises of letters, which are usually brand’s name initial. For instance, IBM, HBO, CNN, HP, IKEA etc., that have initials of their brand name. They have condensed their name into a shorter form and mixed it with right typography. This is an amazing way to make people remember your name with just 2 or 3 letters. 

Monogram logos

For instance, it is much easier to say H&M rather than Hennes & Mauritz, right? So, if your brand name initials can be condensed into a catchy acronym then go for it without any other thoughts. The entire focus will be on the initials so it is important for you to style the initials and make sure that the entire thing - colours and font are in-synch with the theme of your brand. 

05. Pictorial mark:

The graphic-based logo, and I am directly giving you an example - it is the iconic APPLE, Twitter bird. These are the logo that directly strikes the name of the brand in your mind. The mere appearance of an eaten apple comes in sight, and we are sure that it is an Apple product. Each of these companies logos are so symbolic and the brands are super engaging and already established that their logos are enough. It can be a tricky logo for those who are starting new, but surely it is the most engaging once you have been established perfectly. 

iconic APPLE

06. Emblem:

This logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon. They are like badges or seals. For instance, the Starbucks logo. It has an impressive or traditional feel. This type of logo is a go-to choice for many schools, organizations or government agencies. 

Emblems are memorable and have a sense of professionalism, traditional vibe, and showcases the importance of brand; it also gives an impression that you are here to stay and you are here for a long time. 

Starbucks logo

07. Combination mark:

When a wordmark or lettermakr and a pictorial mark or abstract mark or mascot is mingled together, the end product is a combination mark. The picture and text can be placed or aligned side by side or they can be overlapped to; all of this integration to create a logo that is impactful and memorable. For instance, the logos of Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste.

Burger King

These were the 7 types of logos that you must know if you want to become a logo designer. Practice, practice, and cultivate a great skill! The following can be used to create your startup’s logo too. Just remember - the logo should fit your brand’s vision, mission, and value. 

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