7surefire ways to increase instagram followers

7 Surefire ways to Increase REAL Instagram Followers For FREE EASY, FAST, EFFECTIVE

Does the thought of gaining 1k organic Instagram followers excite you too? If ‘yes’, then we are on the same platform!

Yes, the love for Instagram is eternal. Not only for swiping over the interesting feed but also in the prospect of marketing. With the right Instagram marketing tactics, you can swoon over your marked goals in a couple of months. 

Being one of the most popular social networks, Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users. The number has grown 10 times from June 2013. Furthermore, it is still growing! And this is the sole reason why it is essential to make the presence of your business on Instagram. 

It can be extensively targeted, and the best visual marketing channel for the brands! All you have to do is use smart ways to gain engagement. 

gain engagement

But what are those clever Instagram marketing tricks?

The magic spell for appealing to customers without actually selling goods directly to them involves not only thoroughly understanding your Instagram page but also making it engaging and impressive with ideal, or I may say, fun and quirky content.

In this blog, I will show you how to effectively use Instagram to increase engagement and grow massive followers over a limited time. 


No fake accounts, all real and organic followers!

  1. Start with the Basics:

Well, if the audience is going to follow your Instagram page, you need to ensure that they gain some benefit from it! For this, you have to get your basics clear. Find the niche of your Instagram page; for instance, what is your main focus? Is it food, lifestyle, or something related to innovation or technology? 

According to this, you have to decide what would be the theme of your page! You have to develop your brand aesthetics so that people remember your page by a specific color or pattern. Think more about the visual image, go on several profiles of similar niche, and seek what pattern they follow!

Start with the Basics

Instagram marketing is really an ideal way to promote products, services, or to increase the popularity of your page. So, ‘what is perceived by eyes’ works better for your page. If the profile is beautiful and has some knowledge, your casual visitors will turn into potential customers in no time. 

Resultantly, you have a positive effect on your account’s traffic, i.e., you get an increased number of followers. 

Note that - An Instagram page, of any niche, should add value plus the content should be posted frequently, be it a story or a post.’

Some of the ways you can make your Instagram profile attractive -

  • Experiment with profile colors.
  • Get inspired by the profiles of the same niche. 
  • Use the chessboard placement effect.
  • Use various applications like Instafit, Frameswag, and other similar applications to make your pictures with similar border-spacing. 
  • Set the global aura for your profile. 
  • If you are using filters, use similar filters in all the pictures. 
  1. Be Creative:

When it comes to Instagram posts, you have to be creative with the hashtags as well as captions! Not only the ones which are used regularly but also those which are unique to your post. So, to grow your audience, you have to use a series of strategies which could include the following:

  • Use the relevant hashtags so that your post visibility is doubled. 
  • Be funny and creative with the caption and hashtags. 
  • Publish visually-appealing content that adds value to the viewers or at least gives them entertainment. 
  • Post content that acts as a catalyst to get you more engagement. 
  • Pitch-in your brand strategies, USP, services, or products in the content creatively. 

After you have thoroughly understood how to get creative with the content, you must keep your ‘niche’ in mind! Don’t deviate from it until and unless it is required for a completely different topic. This way, you can create brand value and accumulate more engagement. 

Moreover, you can create ad campaigns or contests that increase engagement. You can do this by evoking an emotion or setting up a challenge! Being viral and creative is all you need for a successful campaign. 

  1. Excel your Hashtag Game:

Hashtags are the real game-changer, some create hashtags that get common among people, and everyone follows it while posting a similar genre content on their Instagram post. 

Excel your Hashtag Game

But, do you know Instagram marketing tactics, especially ‘hashtags’ can increase Instagram followers?

Yes, they can! Follow the most used tricks -

  • Create a dedicated hashtag for your business. You can even do this for a particular campaign. 
  • Ensure that you promote that hashtag everywhere! Be it your website or other social media platforms and even by email marketing. 
  •  Use popular or trending hashtags according to the post. 
  • Post daily once or twice a day. 
  • Re-share and engage the content that you have posted on Instagram on other platforms too. 

Using relevant hashtags and also posting creative content daily will increase engagement on your Instagram profile and in all resulting in the motive, i.e., increased followers. 

  1. Strategize, Plan, and Implement:

A sequence of strategies is required before you plan to increase your followers. This strategy has to be done by you! Sit and make a sheet that can help you with what and when content has to be published, i.e., an event, contest, tips, any campaign with relevance to your brand’s motive. 

  • For this, ideate and add it to your sheet and plan when a particular content has to be posted. For instance, if it is a contest, you have to find on which day (Monday, Tuesday, and so on.) the engagement is more. It can be easily found out by insights. 
  • Know about your target audience and post accordingly. Make sure that you optimize posts with dedicated or relevant trending hashtags. 
  • Interact with the audience through likes, comments, or shares. It will automatically encourage people to follow you, and also they will engage more on your posts.
  • Cross-promote your page. 
  • The analysis is the most important part! Find out the entire analytics and plan accordingly. See how people are interacting with your posts, is the message that you wish to convey is reaching the masses or not. 
  1. Join Hands with the Trends:

People are creative; they are one step ahead in the Instagram marketing tactics, and so to be in the trend, you have to follow the trends!

Yes, follow pages that give you the latest trend and plan your content accordingly. Apply the trends that suit your business the best and tag the pages that will repost your content. It will ultimately increase abundant engagement. 

  1. Originality is the Key:

Trends may come and go, but the primary motive for your Instagram marketing is the genuineness. Authentic content wins the race! Stay original and updated always. Introduce new methods and plans to promote content. Be patient, good things take time!

You will be recognized for your content if you stay true and original to your niche. 

  1. Promote Yourself:

Promoting your business on your page by giving a link to your website in your Instagram bio, and also posting relevant content that encircles your products or services, is the best way to convert your ‘content-viewers’ into ‘potential customers.’ 

While adhering to originality, ensure that you post the same content on each of the social media platforms — this way, you are redirecting traffic to your Instagram page as well as on your website. 

A lot of strategies, planning, implementation, and a lot of patience can increase your Instagram followers. Penned down above are some of the simple yet effective Instagram marketing tips that you can adhere, to grow your Instagram followers as well as earn a lot of revenue. 

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Image Source: Financesonline, LYFE marketing, Bigbagram.

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