7 Social Media Marketing Myths that Needs to be Debunked

7 Social Media Marketing Myths that Needs to be Debunked

What is the first thing that strikes your mind after I say - Social Media?

A truckload of memes, interesting feed, shopping, entertaining photos, and videos? Right? Well, social media consumes half of our day, and it is where every digital marketer is aiming to make connections with their audience, to engage them, and to make sales. 

Social media is an effective medium which can give your business a much sharper presence in a short time. How? Well, it provides a platform to directly communicate with the audience, to the target audience base, and market products or services straight to the consumers.

But there are a lot of things that stop marketers from stepping into this and still not take full advantage of such significant and direct exposure. 

These myths need to be debunked!

And, today, I will get you closer to some of the social media marketing myths and will also debunk it. Let’s begin -

Myth 1 - If your customers aren’t on social media, you don’t need to have a presence on it!

Yes, this is a significant concern and a myth that needs to be busted immediately! So, the first point that will immediately bust this myth is - Are your customer - People? 


Then, they are on some or other form of social media platforms! Yes, there are about 1 Billion people on Instagram, 1.69 Billion users on Facebook, and as we discussed in our previous blog, about 335 Million people on Pinterest. Every other way you look, you will find a person using either of the platforms. 

So break the myth! If you have an excellent online and social media presence, then you are on your way to success.

Remember - Your Audience is on Social Media, but You Have to Wisely Choose the Right Platform to Connect with ‘Your Audience’. 

A strong social media presence builds brand trust, brand engagement, and brand reputation!

Myth 2 - Getting Followers through Shady Ways Can Give You Success!

If you have a thought that more followers equals more success, then you should think twice before even involving yourself in shady ways to increase followers overnight! Yes, you can do it, but it will help you with nothing, until and unless you have a great service/product or something too valuable to offer. 

Your Service/Product, Your Technique to Build Engagement and Trust in Your Followers Guarantee You to Get SUCCESS!

Guarantee You to Get SUCCESS

Instagram may ban your account for practising this dishonest way. Yes, every account has some fake followers, but if you have a higher number of fake followers, then your account might get banned. Having organic followers should be your focus; this will take you closer to better sales, better engagement, and make a brand reputation. 

Myth 3 - Just have Social Media Presence and You Will Earn Good Returns!

“Having a social media presence, and leaving everything for the best, as it happens on its own!” - This myth is the persistent one, and it needs to debunk faster. 

Yes, you can get good returns via social media presence, but it does require efforts, constant posting, building an outstanding campaign, etc., to prosper and earn good returns. 

You have to continuously engage your potential customers, and analyse and accordingly update the post and the offer to make a maximum sale. The most important perk that social media platforms offer is tracking, and you can know who engages with your post the most, who looks at your ad and engages into buying something from you, everything on social media platforms.

MYTH 4 - No Investment Required on Social Media!

Yes, social media is free for creating an account, but marketing requires money! For instance, if you wish to run an ad or a paid social media campaign, then you need to pay a fee. But this is all advantageous, as you can make it target specific and reach the right audience, which in turn gets you sales, engagement, and likes. 

You can also track the progress and accordingly change the campaign for more specific targeted marketing. 

MYTH 5 - You Need to Be On Every Social Media Platform!

Yes, I don’t oppose this, but it should be in a strategic way. If you are a business owner or a startup owner, then you have to start with a more focused social media marketing strategy and direct your entire workforce to work on that. Instead of focusing and aiming everywhere, you should focus on one channel and build your strong presence and then move to other social media platforms. This strategy will save time, resources, and even earn you a great connection with the audience. 

MYTH 6 - #Hashtag #Everything #It #Is #Important !

It is yet another myth that has made social media platforms, from Instagram, Facebook to Twitter, people have gone crazy using hashtags aimlessly. Overstuffing hashtags leads to degrading the post, and this shouldn’t happen. 

We have previously written all about HASHTAGS that you can read to know how to use hashtags in your post intelligently. 

MYTH 7 - Social Media is Just for Young Audience!

NO, a big NOO! Social media is not just youth-centric now, the audience is extended to more age groups, and you should focus on creating posts and ad campaigns, keeping them also in mind. Your content, your approach should take everyone into consideration as now social media is as social as its name!

digital marketing certified

These were the top myths about social media marketing that we’ve researched and debunked! What is your myth about social media marketing, comment and let us know. Also, I will be sharing the myths related to different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) in the upcoming blog, so stay tuned. 

Leave the Myths Behind, Step into the Real World of Social Media Marketing!

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