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7 Simple tips and tricks for Instagram Reels

Millions of people have used TikTok for creating fun, engaging, creative videos! I, Shivani, have not touched it ever though, but really appreciated some of the creative content. After it was banned in India, TikTokers felt a pang of sadness. 

But then came a rescuer - Instagram Reels!
Instagram Reels

Yes, back to the business of creating engaging 15-30 seconds videos. What gives Instagram Reels an upper hand over other rivals? Well, it is a smooth integration with Instagram! (Yes, you have all the friends or followers added swiftly!)

Along with the massive exposure, Reels have the perfect filters and effects to create head-turning content. 

Where to find Reels?

Go to the ‘Add to your story’, and select reels from the options on the left. Tap on it and start making Reels using all the tips and tricks that I am going to mention below. 

Let’s Begin -

01. Add music to your reels:

Unless you are putting up educational reels where you have to speak and explain your views, it is important that you add elegant music to your reels. Music lingers on! Music is a core part of grabbing attention. 

Add music to your reels

Not only this, you can use the ready-to-go music clips from Instagram’s given directory. Just tap on the music icon and browse from the list of music clips already present. And, the best part is - You can choose the lyrics that fit best with your reel. You can drag to the part that you want of an entire song. 

02. Recording speed tweak:

Time-lapse? Slow-motion? You are going to love what Instagram has to offer to you! Instagram reels allow you to adjust the recording speed. You can select the speed from the reels menu; it can be as slow as 5x and as fast as 3x. 

This way you can create magical photography videos or even pretend to be an actress with soft music and slow-motion turning videos. 

03. Play with the effects:

Without an effect, is your Instagram reels complete? No, I guess! Based on the theme of your video, add effects on the reels. You can choose the party lights, or green screen, or add silly emojis, or the heart effect, and other effects from the Instagram Reels options. 

Tap on the effects icon in the Reels menu and select the best. 

04. Use timed text:

It is similar to those in the Instagram Stories! Yes, you can put up text and funny stickers in your Instagram Reels. This feature in the Reels provides the facility to add timed text that appears at a specific point in the video. 

For using this feature, all you have to do is write the text first, then adjust the text in the video. If you want multiple texts to be placed at multiple times, you have to write them in different text boxes. 

For all the text layers, a small box with the beginning of the text will appear at the bottom of the screen above the time bar for the video. You have to select the text box that you would like to edit the time bar for and select the brackets on each end. Simply, drag the bracket to where you would like the text to start and end. It is a tough task to accomplish, but with practice, you will learn it. 

Your phone will vibrate when you touch the edge of the other text’s frame. 

05. Placement is important:

Make sure that the text used, or the stickers used in the entire Reel is positioned within the 4:5 vertical frame of the feed. If you place your text or sticker outside the frame, it will appear half or chopped off, which surely isn’t what you want. Make sure once you are done with decorating your Reel and putting up the filter, you have to click on ‘Watch Reel’, just to be sure. 

For this, you can save your Reels as a draft and also download to see it on your mobile phone. There is an option to save as a draft and you can find the Reel in your profile. You can edit the placement of text later if something is getting chopped off. 

06. Share your Reel:

Do you want your followers to see it? Do you want to post it as a story or in the feed? In order for the posts to get most views, you must post the Reel to your feed as well as posting it to the Reels. There is also an option to post the Reel just to your story, but then your Reel will not be viewable in your account, so make sure you post it on your account. 

07. Add the shop tag:

Yes, this feature was launched a few days back by Instagram, where you can put the shop tag to your Instagram Reels. If you have anything that you want to sell, you can add the link in the shop tag. This will increase engagement, and also interested people can be redirected to purchase the product. 

These were some of the simple tips and tricks that you can try! Instagram Reels lets you create fun videos to share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. All you have to do is record and edit the 15 seconds multi-clip videos with some nice music, effects, and creative text and stickers. You can share the Reels with your followers on the feed, and if you have a public account then you can expose your Reels to a lot of people! 

Instagram Reels offers you a chance to become the best content creator and reach out to the audience globally!

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