6 types of Online Marketing Channels

What are the different types of Online Marketing Channels?

Every business needs a boost of online marketing opportunities. There are various types of marketing channels that you can leverage to ensure an exponential growth on online platforms. Using multiple online marketing channels can thus help you reach your goals much easier while reducing your efforts.  

Using online marketing channels you are able to optimize your online presence which further helps you in improving your enterprise sales, brand loyalty quotient, brand awareness and more. Some of the most adept ways to do online marketing thus including using of wholesome marketing channels that attract the traffic and eventually churn the conversion process by using different approaches.

Segregating some of the most effective 6 online marketing types, Orionators School of Learning presents the best marketing channels 2019 to look up too. Also,  you can choose our Certified Programme in Digital Marketing to deeply study it for may be better job prospects, business opportunities or hiking up your every own venture. So here are some pointers, you might want to point out:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps you in organically rank up on the web. This process of getting traffic is free and natural, that allows you to organically reach to your niche clients. But that is not easy, you need to know advance practices of search engine optimization that then add up in the ranking up of your website.

The process of learning includes understanding the search engine algorithms and learning how are websites ranked by the search engines to maximize its chances of ranking well in relevant searches. Also since the world of the internet is dynamic, it continuously changes its algorithm, and rules to provide more accurate information. So it is needed that you always stay uptight with the new trends and use best practices to claim a higher rank for relevant keywords. 

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The method of paid marketing includes buying of ads on the search engines helping you in boosting your traffic through inorganic marketing methods. Some of the most popular Search engines include Google, where you can leverage Google AdWords.  Being one of the major paid search platforms Google AdWords allows you to display your ads to a particular set of people using various filtration methods.

Also, there are 2nd tier PPC platforms and social networks that allow you to advertise with some nominal advertising charges.  The applicable charges are predetermined and work on every click of the users. The method of advertising is much more precise and cost-effective than traditional offline marketing methods. Plus the results are much better.

3. Content Marketing

One of the most strategic marketing methods, content marketing is one investment no one should ignore. It is highly focused and is kept relevant to the users to help you in boosting your websites SEO, sales and brand awareness and more. There is almost nothing that content marketing can’t do for your business. Content has the power to influence customer purchase decisions.

It allows you to create, distribute- valuable and consistent content to attract traffic on your site and retain a large audience by the relevancy of the content. It is profit driving, and customer-focused.

It is a never-ending process where you focus on communicating with your customers without always trying to sell them the product. Instead, it works by educating them, informing them and adding value to their information or knowledge. This helps in defining the bond of trust and regular customer retention ultimately rewarding in terms of brand loyalty and continuous profit. Some of the new content marketing ways include contextual marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing, whitepaper writings and more.

Also even if you choose any of the mentioned marketing methods, it is recommended that you should do content marketing and strategic content placement. This strategic content placement includes, Social Media Marketing, SEO, blogging, PR, PPC, inbound marketing, content strategizing and others.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media has become an integral part of your lives and social media is a powerful tool to advertise your products and services. It’s almost free and when you choose for PPC marketing it is comparatively cost-effective to other methods. As an end user, many people rely on social media influencers and since people spend most of the time with smartphones there are high chances that it can work in your good.  

It easily helps you to target your marketing by your clearly defined objectives and in terms of building trust, brand identity, improved customer services, reaching unexploited markets and collecting customer feedback.  Valuable social media content provides value to your user to lend you profits.

5. Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate way to earn commission by promoting other enterprises on your high-traffic websites. If you have good traffic you get to promote others by earning a share of their profit on each sale. Also, if you stand at the other side of the line, it is still beneficial for you as you get to promote your product on a high-traffic site where you can get relevant users.

6. Email Marketing

The most cost effective and efficient of all. When done right Email Marketing has about 4% of guaranteed retention which is something big and trustable. Email marketing has helped many brands be where they are right now.

It gives you an opportunity to be in direct contact with your prospective clients. Provide them updates, reminders, important information and more. Furthermore, at the same time, you are able to advertise your USP, services, essentialities with the use of printable, direct, flyers and emailers.

Also now you are able to leverage the tools that provide you a chance to customize your emails and personalize them for better user experience. With regular email interaction, you are able to build the needed trust to form the foundation of a successful enterprise. Communication helps you in getting their feedbacks and be in direct touch with future prospects.


So, this was it guys. We hope you enjoyed this short introduction channel to the most important of all online marketing channels that can help you boost any online marketing campaign. Leverage them in your current strategies and come by to comment and share how effective they were. Also, if you wish to learn from the experts of digital marketing you can take our course. Also, you can choose to join us in an online/offline demo or webinar. Follow us on social media platforms to always stay tuned with “what's new in the digital world” and live always at the top of the digital domain.

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