How can these cross promotion techniques boost your customer list?

6 Cross-promotion Ideas that Help you Double your Customers List

Online marketing has so far been successful in promoting businesses, but it still has some channels, that is not much explored to their maximum. Many of those unexplored techniques have an amazing potential to increase your reach to your clients.  

We know, in online marketing how content remains sustainable. Therefore, we always can reuse our content or tweak our content for different marketing tools and strategies to get better results. Cross Promotion is one such online marketing technique, with the help of which you can utilize the platform of various famous brands to establish your brand name in the new market. It is a powerful approach that can help increase the leads and conversion rates to an unimaginable extent. 

What Happens in Cross promotion?

In this technique, you try to spot the partners for joint-promotion of both of yours’ products/services, so that together you can appeal to a wider set of audience. If done properly, cross-promotion can find you a very successful alliance popularizing your business.

So, read the following cross-promotion ideas that will guide you with the process:

1. Promote with the Help of Non-competing Brands

This can be a great way to expand your business in new markets. When you collaborate with influencers, local yet prominent businesses or non-profit organizations then you get to target a fresh set of audience, who are not already in your niche.

Since you are choosing a non-competent partner, then you have to make sure that your advertisement is very specific and relevant to your product/service, assuming the market as naïve. 

2. Offer Discounts on Partner Brands

How can these cross promotion techniques boost your customer list?

Everyone loves discounts. Create campaigns that promote your partner’s discount and deals, in return, they would do the same for you. This method helps greatly in growing your email list, as well as targeting the ones who have an interest in making a conversion.

So, you must first create coupons for your partners, so that all your visitors find it as a bait to fill up your signup form, thereby growing your email list, along with creating a buzz around your partner brand. 

3. Leverage the Use of Social Media Posts

How can these cross promotion techniques boost your customer list?

There is no denying to the fact that social media is a powerful tool that can influence the consumers positively about your brand/product. Moreover, it is the platform, where most of the people spend the maximum time of their day. But you must be thinking, how cross promoting can be inculcated here with social media? 

  1. You can connect your social media with your email marketing. Everybody opens their emails, so if they find your email attractive, they open it. There you can promote your social media post or offer, is found useful, people end up landing on your social media page and increase page views.
  2. You can also embed your social media content somewhere on your website, thus getting some on-point content on the site leading to an increase in engagement.
  3. You can also make use of your Twitter account to engage with your customers regarding your service/products on your website.

Basically, you must try to create your niche at every platform, so that people anywhere across social media can see you available. Also, if you share your partner’s content as well, that is an additional bonus reach that you get. 

4. Combine the Deals, if Partner is in the Same Industry

Combining the best of you and your partner’s brand, in a way that it adds convenience to the life of the user, is always a beneficial option to choose. For example, you and the partner brand both work in the fitness equipment industry, then when you offer (say) a yoga mat then your partner brand’s yoga pants will also be combined with it, at a comparatively cheaper price. The main product is a yoga mat, but comfortable yoga pants enhance the experience all the more. This is an example from Amazon:

How can these cross promotion techniques boost your customer list?

For this, both you and your partner must be registered on this third-party application. If not this way, one can also do the same on their own website. For example, you are a florist and you own a website. At your website, you can provide combo offers to partner with cake vendors or with gift vendors.

5. Create Limited Referral Codes for People

It is proved that most of the people believe in using referred products rather than trying it themselves the very first time. Customers are very curious to know the review of the product coming from unbiased, trusted sources. So, start finding the influencers who work in your niche, and convince them with your product. Create referral discount codes in their name, so that all their followers can use that code to reach your site and give you a conversion. 

How can these cross promotion techniques boost your customer list?

6. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is also a crucial tool that affects the online behaviour of internet searches. So, you must create informative content, drop links to your service/products in that and then cross promote it to get the required attention.  You can:

  • Add links to your website in your content.
  • Regularly update the links.
  • Do guest blogging.

With this technique, you basically get to enter into the already established communities and expand your customer range. Cross promotion is also an amazing option that helps in the growing popularity of the brand name fast. So, try these techniques and let us know in the comments below how these worked for you. 

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