5 Tried and Tested Tips to Successful Email Marketing

5 Tried and Tested Tips to Successful Email Marketing

The secret is out now! And, it is right time to double-check your email marketing strategy before you step into the digital marketing world. It is now or never! With the lockdown being executed, people are more prone to the online world, and so it is highly important to stay in touch with your audience or customers or fans. 

And, email marketing is the right way! The benefits it holds are beyond comparison. With just 1$ invested, one can earn upto 42$ in return, and for this, the game should be strong and compelling enough. The success rate of email marketing has sky-rocketed during this lockdown, people believe in the online market more than before. That is the reason why most of the businesses, nevertheless the size, are turning towards emails for communicating with clients, to promote the products or services, and to stay connected with the audience. 

All because the quality of leads generated by email marketing is higher than any other digital marketing tactic!

So, I am here with the secret tips that lead to success. Let’s open the doors to the finest tips that you should remember while designing an email for email marketing. Amazon too does this, so it is a tried and tested strategy. 

01. Be strict with the format:

It is important to stick to the format as the email is seen to be different on Mobilephone and on the computer screen. Few of the subject lines cut off while seen on the phone. The number of characters in the subject line shown is about 40 characters. 

Moreover, about 43% of emails are read on mobile devices and this is the reason why a format should be followed. 

Ensure that whatever you decide for your emails, all the copies are the same. Just like Amazon does, it keeps the same website theme even in the emails. Don’t forget to add plenty of links, do the formatting, add colors, and also include good lines in between. 

02. Check The ‘From’:

Yes, from whom the mail is going to be delivered also plays a big role in the success of email marketing. Some of the digital marketers believe that sending an email from the name of the brand or company name is successful, while some of them believe that if it is sent under an actual name and email address of someone within the company or brand, it will have more open rates.

Check The ‘From

These are two options that you can try and find out which one is the best one for you and your customers!

Also, as I already stated in the blogs before, the inbox is flooded with emails! Billions of emails are sent daily and this is why you have to stand out so that none of the emails go to the bin or are reported as spam. To prevent this, brands use no-reply email format, but this is entirely wrong. Even I wouldn’t open up an email from some noreply@domain.com. 

The no-reply emails disinterest the readers and they don’t even open up it. 

03. Write a killer subject line:

As already stated, the first 40 characters the receiver reads makes the most impact and impression! Following the ‘first impression makes the last impression’, ensure that you write something that gives a feeling that people open up your email. 

For instance, ‘Last 5 days to avail this offer’, ‘Save 50% instantly’, ‘Are you being stalked?’. 

These fancy templates will create a FOMO or interest in the user to read the email. 

04. Stay in touch with automated campaigns:

Automation is the best feature you can jump to! The task of sending emails to your customers can be a challenging task daily, so what you can do is automate it. The email marketing tools allow you to send automated email campaigns to the targeted audience from the set email address and also to the contacts that are present in the database. 

Stay in touch with automated campaigns

Sending regular emails can evoke interest in your audience adn it leads to generate leads! And, if you automate the entire process of sending emails then you can make your email marketing successful. 

Also, it benefits in a way that you can send your emails at the same time, at the same frequency every day without burdening your work. 

Automate it to set the frequency of emails and also to fasten the entire process of typing and sending. About 49% of businesses today use some form of email automation.

You can try it too for ample benefits!

05. Link your emails:

Mostly, the purpose behind most of the email marketing campaign is to drive traffic to their website, but if you send an email with no CTA, no links, then the leads are going in vain. It is super-important to link your email with a landing page matching the needs and also tuning the best with the sent email. 

Also, if your email is about the blog that you wish to have traffic on, then you can mention the link to the blog. 

This trick certainly triggers lead generation and boost conversions!

Make sure you use the right tracking tool to keep a track of how your emails are performing and how a particular landing page or blog is performing. Driving traffic to the website is easy and effective with email marketing. 

Avoid unnecessary diversion and get directly to the point of linking emails with the website. 

This was all about how email marketing can be made a success with just a few changes and few tips to adhere to. It has been proven to be the best tactic to stay connected with the audience or customers. 

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