5 Tips to Start Marketing on LinkedIn| Engage Audience, Expand Brand

‘93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most important site for lead generation.’

So, don’t miss on 'LinkedIn'! Add it as a part of your digital marketing strategy. With over 575+ million users, and with more than 260 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is the new place where people post their work and build networks and connections.

The real power of LinkedIn marketing is 'CONNECTIONS'. As it's not only about whom are you connected to, it is about who your connections know. This is will, in turn, be a profitable deal as people will know about your brand or abilities through word-of-mouth, 

So, if your profile is just limited to your personal details, then it is time to open up and get into the game of marketing. For this, all you have to do is create a company detail page and get engagement to drive better revenues in the end. 

Hence, coming back to the point, if you are planning to carve a niche in the digital marketing world, then here it is – LinkedIn marketing should be a part of your business strategy. 

For all the business enthusiasts and the B2B marketers, this is the place where you can find the right people and can get the best leads. Go over and target the right customers on LinkedIn. 

Why LinkedIn?

Still wondering why LinkedIn for marketing? Then, here it is – LinkedIn is an impressive and successful platform to connect your brand with people around the globe. There are more than 575 million professionals on LinkedIn! Be it generating leads, building brand awareness, establishing potential connections or getting higher chances of being on top of Google search.

Interesting much?

Without much ado, let’s know about the different tips that will help you engage more audience and expand your business. 

1.   Start with your Profile:

Yes, you read it right! You have to set up your profile before you start with the business page. This is entirely because people connect to people and that can actually generate leads for your business. 

When people come across your profile, they will know about your company and also you! They can judge the credibility through your LinkedIn, so make the first impression impactful. 

This is where people will know about how capable you are! So, impress your profile viewers. For this, complete your profile 100% and then also update it regularly. Add achievements, a list of skills, list your current position in the organization, update your profile picture in some interval and also showcase your work in the best way. 

Here it is how you can complete your LinkedIn profile and how each of the steps is important. 

  • Upload photo – (Fact - Your profile is 21x time more visible than users without it. Plus, profiles with display picture are likely to receive 36 times more messages).
  • List your up-to-date position – (Fact – Increases visibility of your profile 20 times!).
  • Add a list of skills and keep of updating it – (Fact – People with 5 or more skills are definitely going to get noticed by the recruiters and increases visibility up to 17 times).
  • Sum up your goals and experiences – (Fact – A catchy opening statement will increase the engagement up to 20 times).

Start with your Profile

2.   A step to effective LinkedIn company page:

Creating a well-optimized company page earns higher chances of ranking high in a Google search. So, if you wish to increase the online visibility of your brand, the initial step is to create a noticeable company page. 

Amongst the business owners, this platform is a popular social platforms, so be an ace when it comes to creating the company page. Ensure that the page offers ample scope for potential customers to learn about your company, work culture, and the people who work there. 

Wondering how to make the company page well-optimized?

Creating an optimized page is super-important, it will define your presence on Google search. 

  • Keywords are the key to ranking! Use relevant keywords in the bio and the description. Think about what a potential customer would search and define bio accordingly, but make sure it is short and crisp.
  • Ensure the use of words that seek to define the job title and name of the company.
  • Don’t leave the field blank. Add fields in your profile to strengthen the company page. 
  • Links shouldn’t be skipped as we are using LinkedIn to put forth our company. Give relevant links, like add links to your blogs and website. 

Optimized profile/company page = More engagement, more followers, more people interested in your service.

3.   Increase your company page followers:

Adding followers equal to adding more engagement to your updated and uploaded content. Everything you share would be available to your followers to share and get more traffic on your website. 

Start by adding employees! They are likely to share the content that you post if they find it attractive and informative. So, go ahead get into the connections with employees this will create instant awareness of your company/brand. Explore different groups and get engagement by sharing your blogs or work done!

Moreover, you can add a link to your page in company communication or anywhere outside the company. Do it by adding a link to your external communication like emails, blog posts, newsletter and even on the social media platform wherever you share the creative content. 

Don’t forget to add a follow button at the end to your website to allow visitors to follow your LinkedIn company page. A single click and you get a potential customer. 

4.   Post creative and updated content to get LIKES:

Give your followers a reason to approach you! Yes, post creative content that is likable, shareable and attracts a lot of comments.

Interesting and engaging content is the one you have to post not just the content one that is only profitable to you. Address pain points, help them getting some benefit out of the content and even making them share it on with their circle, is the way you build up a good network on LinkedIn for marketing. 

Tip – Use images and videos to gain more attention. As these are known to processed faster than text. You can even go for slide share on LinkedIn rather than usual content.

Plus, sponsor content that receives huge engagement! It is like advertising on LinkedIn as it allows you to promote your content directly in the feeds of your aimed or loved professionals. 

Post creative and updated content to get LIKES

5.   Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns:

Ever heard anything that gets engagement without a campaign? No, right! Campaigns are the inseparable part of digital marketing. There are two options self-service ads and managed campaigns. 

No matter what you choose, define the goal. For instance, whether it is for some awareness, or to raise leads or to build professional relationships. 

Marketing on LinkedIn is not that tough! Put these 5 tips into practice and step into the world of the digital marketing world.

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