5 Tips that Will Help You Build A Company At the Age of 16!

5 Tips that Will Help You Build A Company At the Age of 16!

Some are easy, some are creative, some are ambitious….yeah right there! If you are ambitious and want to become an entrepreneur at a very young age, then here is the thing - You can, You will, and Age is Just a Number!

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can build a company at the age of 16. And, trust us, this is the formula of success. 

For first, I would like you to keep aside all the wrong thoughts you have at the back of your mind, that you can’t do it - As You CAN!

Let’s Begin -

01. Think About Your Company in Deep:

You are not too young to have a business plan! Think about the company you have in your mind. It can be anything, do you want to sell items? Do you want to start an online business of bakery? Or you want to set up an e-commerce website?

Once you decide, you can proceed further to design your website. Make sure you break down your business plan into smaller achievable goals and proceed further. 

For instance, decide the name of your website, what will be the purpose of your website, and what will be the deliverables through you to the audience. 

02.Design your Website:

No, you don’t need the knowledge of codes to design your website. Just a tad bit of knowledge that you will learn while designing it. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below -

  • Sign up for a free website builder. 
  • Choose the kind of website that you wish to create. 
  • Customize a template. 
  • Drag and enjoy 100s of design features that you will get with the tool itself. You can add text, galleries, videos, vector art, and many more other features. 
  • Add an online store, booking system, blog, and other features. 
  • And, that’s it, your website design is done. 
  • Go live!

Design your Website

Start building your presence through the next step. 

03. Get your Website SEO Optimized:

To drive traffic to your site and to make it visible, it is important that you use advanced SEO tricks and tools. SEO or Search engine optimization is used to make your website visible on the search engine pages. For instance, when someone searches for ‘Bakery online’, your website will be ranked on the Google page. And, this is why it is important that you have an SEO optimized website.
Website SEO Optimized

For this, do the following -

  • Analyze your website. Look at the URL, is it something that people would search? Look at the content, are there any keywords used that can be searched by people?
  • Conduct thorough keyword research related to your brand. 
  • And, the tool will help you produce long and value-rich keywords. 
  • Go for using those magic keywords in your content naturally. 
  • Get quality backlinks. 
  • Make sure the website is optimized for mobile and also opens up in less than 3 seconds. 

Getting an SEO optimized website will make it more visible and also people will land upon your brand’s page. And, this is the whole purpose! 

04. It’s Time for Having Strong Social Media Presence:

If you are not on social media platforms, you are not anywhere. Yes! The importance of social media is beyond your thought. People consider social media presence as a factor for credibility. So, create business profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Create a bio for every platform that defines your brand. What it serves, what it does, and something funky and creative. 

Create a social media sheet so that you have all the creatives in your hand prior to the posting. It should be engaging, creative, and shareable content that is loved by people. 


If you are a fan of memes, then you can connect your brand with the meme, and get more likes and comments. 

05. Give your Audience What they are Looking for:

Imagine this -

You have an eCommerce website that sells apparels. A customer is looking for a dress and hits on a search on Google. Your written blog comes on the top that mentions the dresses that they can go for - a casual look, a party look, a beach look, or an office look. And, the visitor reads it entirely and opts for the lead generation form. 

Now what you have is valuable! You have signed them up for the regular newsletter. 

By this, you can send them offers, or tempting dress designs that they would love and get the sale. This is exactly what you have to do with the SEO and your website. This also shows that you are giving the visitor exactly what they want, which resultantly save a customer for you and your connection with them for the future.

Website + SEO + Content + Social Media Presence can lead you to success, and all of this at the age of 16!

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