5-Step guide to creating a winning digital marketing strategy

How to Create Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for your Brand?

What is your online marketing strategy to hype your business?

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In the modern landscape, it is next to impossible to mark a position in the market without improvising digital marketing. And improvising a successful digital marketing strategy calls for a good deal of planning. And to help you to be able to plan effectively, we are here with a blog. 

It takes extensive hard work and sharp expertise to create, fine-tune and implement a potent digital marketing plan. We know that, but we still tend to feel bewildered as to where to start, what step to take next, etc. So, to help you focus better, we are listing an algorithm to abide by, so that you actually get double revenue.

If you start working on your marketing without having a foolproof strategy, there are high chances of failure, because it would be more like aiming an arrow in the dark. Moreover, if you do not strategize, how are you supposed to know your pitfalls and improve and grow? 

To avoid mediocre results, apply the following 5 important steps:

1. Identify your mission and then aim an objective 5-Step guide to creating a winning digital marketing strategy

First things first, you must recognize the mission of your business, because that would make the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. If you are clear what you have to sell and what not, you are better off. 

For example, if your business objective is to increase your company’s online revenue by 30%, so you must strategize to generate 50% more leads via a website to achieve what you have aimed. No matter what your overarching goal is, you must know how to calculate it. Only keeping these sales data metrics in mind, can help you drive your strategy in a way that it reaches your goal point. Now you must be thinking about how to get the metrics?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is the answer.

You must identify the figures, which will influence your next move, by analyzing your past marketing campaigns. You can use Google analytics, social media analytics or other performance tracking tools to access the success of your campaign. 

**BONUS ALERT** You can create target like: (Insert goal) by (insert figure)% in (time period). Example, increase traffic by 50% in 6 months.

2. Analyze the previous mistakes and realize your DO’s and DON’Ts

5-Step guide to creating a winning digital marketing strategy

We know our mistakes become our biggest teacher. So, you must not ignore this step while planning your KPI. Your past failure or success help you create a better KPI but be sure how much time period from the past are you analyzing. 

Determine the period that you want to observe, and try to get its Google benchmarking report. Compare it with your competitors if possible. You can use SEMrush to know what keywords and what campaigns are driving the maximum traffic. Here you will also be able to see how what is your competitors’ paid traffic and organic traffic and how many conversions they get from their paid traffic.  

So, analyze and prepare a spreadsheet of Dos and DONTs.

3. Know your audience and communicate like-wisely

Planning only on the basis of past experiences is another bummer of a mistake, one should avoid. Never forget to consider those about whom this entire haul is, i.e. your target audience. At the back of the mind, you know you are planning the strategy for your target crowd, but we sometimes still tend to forget their preferences amidst KPI creation, budget setting and channel selections.

But, this time, keep the audience at the topmost priority slot. Weave the entire strategy of digital marketing around your customers need, their requirements and their emotions. This will help identify a strong buyer persona. But how?

It is not as easy as A B C, but we can help you with the following process flow:

  • Know the demographic information to your target audience, i.e. age group, gender, location, etc.
  • Delve deeper into knowing their online preferences, desires, anxieties and anything that can compel them to hit on your advertisement.
  • Check the audience report of your analytics account, know the career options, job profiles and other important characteristics of your buyer persona.

4. Plan your Budget and March Accordingly

5-Step guide to creating a winning digital marketing strategy

You are ready with your channels, your campaign and your team, but did you pay heed to budget? No planning is complete without considering the budget. So, audit time! 

Identify the following:

1. Your Budget:

  • Know your full and final budget.
  • Know what channels get you the most traffic, so that you know on which channel you can invest the most. (get help from Google analytics report)*don’t forget to choose the channel that gets you maximum reach at minimum CPC *
  • Choose, whether you want to go for paid promotion on AdWords or on social media or anywhere else.
  • If you observe that your paid promotion is still not correct, revise and re-invest on the channel that brings you better results. 

2. Your people:

  • Firstly, look at your team. Make sure you have just the required number of employees and nobody is overworked or underworked.
  • Pay close attention, if all the strategizing and implementation of digital marketing strategy can be done in house, or there is any need to outsource the project to some third party.
  • Let each member of the team brainstorm ideas, so that only better and diverse things are added. Also, the more they are involved in strategizing, the better they know how to work on their part. No confusion, only better results!

3. Your channels:

5-Step guide to creating a winning digital marketing strategy

  • From your past campaigns, realize what digital channels you have to keep and what you have to avoid. Know which platform your customers are at, most of the time. 
  • Keep one KPI allocated for each channel you channelize your strategy on. 

5. Plan -> Test -> Repeat

There is no short cut to success, basis which, we insist you must keep a check on your strategy even after it has brought to action. No plan is perfect at one go, you have to improve it recursively to get the desired results. 

Although we have meticulously taken care of all the segments, all these are just expert predictions and not facts. This is where the need for testing and re-planning arises. First of all:

  • Create your digital marketing calendar, share it with your team and keep making changes in it as per the need of the hour. *Do not forget to add a timeline to each task in the calendar*
  • Highlight the key campaigns that will be promoted extensively or aggressively. 
  • Keep a check on the audit of each and every step that has already gone live. 

Next, you need to review your strategy and bring the changes if needed. All your monitoring plans must know your KPI and work around it. If you find that something is not working, do not get laid back, instead, start from the beginning and make as many changes as possible. Don’t let your entire planning and major time investment go in vain, act wise and get the desired results with the help of our above mentioned 5 golden steps to strategize.

We at Orionators School Of Learning, help you be a pro at strategizing. Orionators School Of learning is Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing school that can help you know the A B C of digital marketing. Join us to know the magic tricks that can help you rank atop by guiding you to drive your diligently created data in the right way.

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