5 Social Media Tools For Freelancers!

5 Social Media Tools For Freelancers!

To keep up with the change is the rule of life! 

But, when it comes to social media marketing, that too for the freelancers, it becomes an ardent job to keep up with the changes. To be in sync with the changing social media marketing and to maintain the ongoing processes, and to track them too, it becomes a tough task to keep on top of it all. 

Taking into account all the social media platforms, organising each and every post, and also taking notes of the new trends, this is where the freelance content creators and social media marketers face a lot of issues. And why not?

It is time-consuming, tiring, and overwhelming to manage with the clients and to play that official role as a social media manager for all the client-related work, plus, not to forget, you have to keep your work up-to-date too; so that you can drive in more clients. 

Not only this, you have to manage all the platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. 

Don’t be tired; fortunately, there are a lot FREE and paid social media marketing tools that you can use to ease out your work. And, trust me, using them will ease out working and would take the load off you. 

So, hello freelancers, please take notes of the following tools that you can use!

01. Buffer:

For analysis features, shift to Buffer. It has the best social media scheduling tool. With this tool, you can share content across multiple accounts and networks all from one place. So, it does make the working smooth, and you can easily meet your client’s deadline. 

You can visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns through Buffer, measure and report on the performance of your content, and you can build your Instagram community too. 


This is a must-have scheduling and analysis tool for freelancers. 

02. Canva:

Whether you want to design an emailer, or you want to create a creative social media post or even blog cover design, nothing is as amazing as Canva. It is one of the most unique platforms where you can explore the creative inside you, and also get your designing work done. 


It can be easily operated and have numerous options related to design that you can explore. There are templates, fonts, and colours. The least you have to do is drag image elements around and drop them into place. 

Canva is a free tool! So, go gaga over it and create images for your posts. 

Introduce yourself to Pixabay too!

Graphics are a pain point for everyone; it is the most challenging job to find the image that fits best with your content. And, social media presence requires good graphics to attract and engage. Plus, stock photos are really expensive, so, switch to Pixabay. 

On this tool, you can search whatever term you want and get a related image in the finest quality. There are other sites too that you can refer for images or graphics or vectors from Pexels, Unsplash, and other similar royalty-free photo-platform that you can use.

You can put text over the image for a refined design for your next creative post!

03. Social Clout:

For a freelance social media marketer, it is fantastic until they create an out-of-the-box post idea, but when it comes to tracking how much engagement is there on a post. And, Social Clout is the best partner for you. 

It is a social media analytics tool designed precisely to track engagement and calculate social media ROI. It also shows at which demographic you get the best engagement and which platform converts the finest and that too at what time. 

04. Feedly:

Want to organize all your platforms at one place? Feedly is here as a saviour! There goes a lot of information and trends on social media platforms, and it is hard to cope up with them. This is an overwhelming task that everyone wants to skip or find a shortcut of it. 

But, with Feedly, you have to worry about nothing. They have LEO. Yes, Leo, who filters out all the noise and provides you with the right feeds, and it also prioritizes the topics, events, and trends that have high significance for you. 


You can stay up to date with the industry trends and what influencers are talking about. This way, you can create content or plan your entire content and social media strategy around the current trending events. Also, you can schedule the tasks. 

It integrates all the application that you want in one place. 

So, you can post directly within the dashboard. 

What not to love about Feedly? Go ahead and try it!

05. Edgar:

Baby-sitting your social media presence is what a freelancer has no time for and also cannot do! So, meet Edgar. It is easy to share content with this fantastic social media marketing tool. 

Regular sharing is the key to more engagement! And, sharing old content is one of the smartest ways to increase engagement. Edgar, being the best social media tool, knows and shares your content at the right time when it’s most likely to get fantastic engagement. And, this tool does it by, 

  • Categorizing content by topic 
  • Targeting by demographics 
  • Determining which is the post that has got the highest engagement and with which followers. 


Edgar has the following features -

  • Social media automation
    It can write posts for your brand! The tool is designed to find the prime and worthy text from articles or blogs. So, you just have to click and share the content, nothing else. 
  • Category based scheduling
    You can categorize your blogs according to their topics or genre. 
  • Never stops sharing
    The continuous posting works even if you have run out of content. Edgar keeps on resharing content on social media to get you engagement. 

There are other platforms like BuzzSumo too!

In BuzzSumo, you are allowed to instantly search across the content on all the social media platforms/networks. Plus, you can use this social media marketing tool to find and view backlinks, discover influencers, analyse competitors, and many more other features.

These were some of the best social media marketing tools that one can use to get the most engagement and also to take time for that long-awaited coffee date with yourself!

Work smarter rather than harder, use these professional tools that you can follow to ease out working and smoothen the entire process. When you use these applications, they will ultimately save you time, efforts, and also you can find time to be creative and innovative for the next creative posts sheet. 

Manage, create, and utilize your time to the fullest with social media tools. 

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