5 Smart Ways to Boost Organic Reach on Facebook

5 Smart Ways to Boost Organic Reach on Facebook

One of the most important mantras in the digital marketing world is getting ‘traffic’. It isn’t that easy as it sounds! From paid ad campaigns to really strong tactics and strategies, everything has to be done to achieve the most traffic on the site.

Without the ample traffic on your website or your social media pages, you cannot stand the digital wave that would come up in a few years and be true, the wave is already here! But, thanks to the abundant social media platforms, it is a no-brainer task to get ample traffic to the website and earn maximum revenue.

Social media marketing is all about connecting audiences, building a trustful relationship with them, and getting the traffic towards the site.

“Do you know – the number of internet users worldwide in 2019 was recorded to be about 4.388 billion and the one using social media was about 3.484 billion, which is still increasing!”

And, we have a winner platform that drives the most traffic, guess it? Yes, we might have stopped liking it now because our family members are now all over it, but it is the most loved social media platform to market products or services, I am talking about ‘Facebook’.

According to research, it was found that about 41.2% of the referral traffic is driving directly from Facebook! And, that is a huge percentage.

Yeah, we are here with all the Facebook marketing tactics in our mind to implement after reading that whopping 41.2% traffic is driven by it alone! But, we are already doing it, what else are we missing on?

As per the title, I say we are missing on the simple tricks that could boost your organic reach on Facebook. Interesting, isn’t it?

But, do you know what actually I mean when I say ‘Organic reach on Facebook’?

In simple terms, audiences you gain without paid distribution is the organic reach! Though the rapid decline in the organic traffic due to the massive content being published every minute, there is still hope for marketers to get the amazing organic reach.

Let’s jump onto the tips now:

  1. Right audience, right time, and right content:

Make this your mantra, if you wish to attain perks from Facebook marketing!

Post evergreen content that never goes out of fashion. Basically, evergreen content is the one that never loses its relevance or value.

The bigger take on this is that if you post content that is evergreen and thoughtful, it is going to be visited and re-visited by the masses. Anything that is intellectual or something of a knowledgeable base is going to rank no matter how many trends come and go. This will lead to greater engagement and the post will be shown on Facebook for a longer time.

You can try reposting content after some time to get more engagement. This tip will also help you know your audience and their interest.

Another tip of getting organic reach is posting at the right time! Publishing time matter a lot!

The optimal posting time for your business page to post content can be found out by looking at your performance data. See at what time people interact the most! And, try to post at the exact time.

Now comes the moment to target only the right audience. You can do that easily by using organic post targeting and optimizing the publish tab by selecting the age, demographics, and gender.

Click on the ‘target’ sign and proceed further with the ‘preferred audience’ and ‘audience restriction’.

preferred audience

audience restriction

The key is to maintain the cycle of ‘Plan, create, publish, maintain, repeat’.

NOTE – Make sure after every change and filter you apply, you check up on the insights to know whether it is working best for you or not.

  1. Have a good grip over Facebook insights:

Facebook insights are a must! One should always go over to boost its Facebook marketing game. Learn how to use the information shown on the insight page to make content that is purely based on the interest of the target audience. Change your strategy according to it.

good grip over Facebook insights

  1. Ask your audience what they want:

Hold polls to know what your audience wants to see more on your business page? Whether they wish to see videos or they want the linked content, know through the post! It is super-important to know and respect what interest your audience hold. Polls are the best way to gain maximum engagement plus it helps marketers to know their audience closely. You can plan and strategize your next content – be it video content or a linked content to be of the same genre.

plan and strategize your next content

  1. Limit your posting:

The extra you post on your business page, the less interest will be shown by your target audience. Follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Avoid posting more than 1 to 3 times a day!
  • Make sure you are posting at the right timeline if you have an international audience to entertain.
  • Instead of posting content more than the exceptional time, post content that brings a wave of interest among the audience. Go for high-quality and entertaining content.

These were a few points! As already mentioned above, only statistics can define what is going well or what is going downhill, so make sure you test your page frequency.

  1. Fewer hashtags for more love:

Wouldn’t you love if your post goes viral over the net! Well, hashtags can do this whimsical magic. But, only 1-2 hashtags are proven to be successful when it comes to Facebook marketing content. Here’s a pro tip – create your own unique hashtag, and use this unique hashtag all over the other social media as well.

Second pro tip – as we all know Facebook makes a separate URL for hashtags! So, use a hashtag that is the most searched one, this will make sure that your content is never buried. 

These were a few of the smart ways in which you can play well in getting organic reach on Facebook! About 2.37 Billion monthly active users are on Facebook and using all the tricks and tips to attain maximum revenue and engagement is the smart way to get ahead of the competitors.

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