5 incredible benefits

5 Incredible Benefits of Moment Marketing That Drives Digital Marketers Crazy!

Can I ask you something? What does this mean to you - 

Take a moment and Seize It!

Make the most out of the moment, right? Well, making the most out of the moment showers a lot of benefits when implemented in the digital marketing field. Marketers are constantly trying to adapt to new technology, new strategies, new ways to connect well with their audience/customers. They want to let their audience know how the brand is in-synch with them. 

And, this is where I bring your attention to the thing that is currently swirling in the digital marketing world - MOMENT MARKETING!

Just like Netflix that introduced monsoon news for Amchi Mumbai is a Netflix style!

 monsoon news for Amchi Mumbai is a Netflix style

Turning to moment marketing can get your message across to the audience with more relevance and relevant and in-trend. Brands, big brands, and even the ones that are all about what is going on in digital marketing strategies of different big brands are setting high bars in Moment marketing.

It is all about - catching peoples’ attention, seizing the moment, and showcasing it most creatively. 


What exactly is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is the ability to take advantage of the current fad/trend. It can be anything like the speech of P.M. Narendra Modi, monsoon rains in Mumbai, or a scene from the series finale of a popular TV show, to a scientific discovery that has made a moment. And, then making a series of creatives or creating communications and marketing collaterals around these events. 

Moment marketing is a practice followed by many brands to induce the essence of current affairs, and even to increase conversations amid the audience, and not to forget the moment marketing content always gets shared!

digital marketer

Why Should You Learn Moment Marketing?

If you are no longer satisfied with putting up the regular festive posts, and USP filled posts on your Instagram handle or anywhere online. Then it is time to shift from the traditional practice to a more customised practice - moment marketing. It will let you reach your audience, and building memorable creatives and communication will help your brand trend too! 

So, what else does moment marketing has to offer you?

It has incredible benefits that take your brand to growth heights. 

01. Satisfies Audience Needs Instantly :

Your customer is all about the news! They love reading stories, they love to know what is trending, they want to know what their brand has in store for them for the current affairs, and this is where Moment Marketing comes in action!

Moment marketing helps you to meet customer expectations immediately as you provide the same information that they’ve been searching. 

02. Captures User’s Attention and Encourages Conversation:

Moment marketing opens the door to a great conversation! Yes, you can provide a post for people to react and comment. As you will be talking about the trends, it will become a sensation if it comes out well, and people will be having a great convo over the topic with each other. Thus, moment marketing increases engagement!

People have short attention spans, which can be a real challenge for you to engage them with your brand. For this, moment marketing is the best. Not only does this allow you to reach your target audience, but it also makes it a thing to ponder upon at the right moment. 

03. Moment marketing is the most shared:

People post moment marketing post in their stories and even share it with their friends. Thus it reaches to a wider audience than you can ever think. You get a better understanding of what your target audience is looking for based on the insights, and resultantly you can direct every strategy in the same direction. 

04. Go Viral:

Do you remember this - Mr Rahul Bose’s complaining and posting a photo of how a banana cost him a lot at a great hotel. This was a big moment for the brands, and people have even created great moment marketing that went viral. For instance, Nature’s basket posted this amazing creative claiming that the banana’s they sell aren’t that pricey. 

Mr Rahul Bose’s

If done well, such communication can help brands to extend visibility beyond just that moment, it reaches out a wider audience, and even increases sales of a product. 

05. Cost-Effective Tool for Marketers:

From FMCG brands to delivery applications and even government organisations, everyone has stepped into the moment marketing! Amul is the master of moment marketing as they chip-into the moment right at the point. 

Why? Because it is the most profitable, and most cost-effective strategy that gets you - Brand awareness, a great conversation with the audience, staying in trend always, and even have the opportunity to get viral. 

Moment Marketing Brand Examples -


Amul is the king of moment marketing! There is no such moment that goes unnoticed by them. They posted the following creative on their Facebook Page on the night of the BIHAR elections, and it gained fantastic engagement! 


This was another from their incredible moment marketing creatives when India won against Pakistan. 

Moment marketing is a win-win if you post it in the right tone and the right moment! Take advantage of it, and this will be helpful in your journey. Make sure you learn it so that you deliver the best for your brand or your company. 

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