5 FREE Instagram Analytics Tools You Need To Know

5 FREE Instagram Analytics Tools You Need To Know

It is all about Instagram nowadays, from an 18-year-old to an older age group, everyone is on their Instagram, probably, the entire day. Using Instagram is like a ritual that no matter what cannot go unnoticed. And, when it comes to marketing, Instagram is rapidly growing in popularity, with over 70% of big brands/companies/businesses using it. 

So, if you as a working professional or a job seeker, or a new business owner, are ignoring this platform; it is high time to leverage Instagram for your own benefits. 

But, it comes with a trail of tasks to be done -

  • Creating engaging content
  • Designing the right creative
  • Using the right hashtags
  • Running ads 
  • Analytics (Yes! This is where all your attention must be!)

Without the right metrics, you will never know if your content is going to engage your audience or will it help you grow your follower list. So, having the right analytics strategy will help you keep track of your progress and also help you to discover where you are lacking, and in which area you need improvement. 

In this blog, we will discuss about the top 5 free analytics tools that will make the analytics work easy for you. So, all you have to focus on is your creativity, and improvement to engage the audience. 

Let’s begin -

01. Keyhole -

It is a hashtag analytics tool with a real-time dashboard that shows how many people posted with your hashtag (campaign-centric), along with the number of retweets done, number of likes and impressions that your campaign is yielding. 

The keyhole’s functionality will help you to analyze and properly look inside the success of your campaign. And, it is all in numbers! You can also filter influencers based on geo-location and keywords in the bios of influencers. 

It is built for -

Agencies - One can analyze the success of their client’s campaign with real-time data.

Non-profit - Show the impact on your social media communities. 

Medias - You can measure your audience and grow the advertising revenue accordingly. 

Features of Keyhole -

  • Track - 

One can track hashtag and influencer data on social media networks and accordingly delegate the task for more engagement and increased ROI. In all, you can have great data accuracy. 

  • Measure -

You can track everything that is required for strict analytics process in real-time. That means, you will know the reach of your campaign, the number of impressions, engagement, followers increase, and other data. 

  • Prove and report -

Prove the campaign impact and resultant ROI. You can present the metrics to your client to prove the success of the campaign with factual data. And, also create a report of the entire analytics. 

The analytics dashboard has a convenient and easy way to go through real-time data and accordingly you can also improvise the next campaign you are going to launch. You will have the data in your hand, that which of the post is doing the best.

Not to forget, this tool also helps identify the most popular hashtags relevant to your campaign and discover areas of improvement and opportunities. 


02. Crowdfire:

It is the best tool for content curation. Crowdfire allows marketers to schedule posts, measure the performance of the posts, and also track the mentioned of their brand. It also helps curate content related to the user’s business that too, after driving every information from all over the internet. 

In all, this tool opens door to endless recommendations driven from other websites, resultantly helping you to expand your thoughts, your creativity, and also visibility regarding the social media content. 

This tool also has an analytics tool that is amazing and quite different. The analytics tool showcases the entire Instagram data in several user-friendly charts. This ultimately gets you acquainted with the fact - How your content is doing online!

How your content is doing online

Features of Crowdfire in a list -

  • Discover relevant content according to your industry. 
  • Publish content from your blog site. 
  • Schedule your posts prior. 
  • It helps customize your posts for all your social media network. So, you don’t have to sit for each post and creatively design it, this tool will aid it. 

03. Socialbakers:

For a full-proof Instagram marketing strategy, it is important to know all about the competitors. Yes, Socialbakers does this for you; it compares your Instagram account to your competitors’. By this you know, where you are going down in the industry and what you can do to improve it and get more engagement. 

Socialbakers also offers essential information like - the most liked posts, the most commented posts, and the top-performing filters. 


Some of the important features of Socialbakers -

  • Social media management:

It is tiring and overwhelming job to manage all the tasks of all the social media platforms one at a time, but what if I say, Socialbakers gives you one platform to manage all the account; easy right? Socialbakers allows you to successfully and easily maintain all the social media accounts from one platform. 

  • Trends analysis:

Socialbakers unveils all the trends and ongoing things so that you closely understand your audience, competitors, and the entire market.  

  • Successful content creation:

All the inspiration you need for sure-shot content creation is available on Socialbakers. From research to tracking and execution, you can do it all with utter ease with this tool. 

  • Research best:

As already discussed above, this tool helps you discover who are your competitors and what content they are using, and accordingly, you know what to do, to make your content successful. 

There are many other features too! 

04. Ninjalitics:

Another tool to find out what your competitors are doing. It helps you analyze like a ninja, i.e., faster, and thus the name NINJALITICS. The features are -

  • Get PDF report:

You can analyze the Instagram profile of your client and download analytics reports. This will help you stay connected with your client and also keep them updated about their account. 

  • Client analysis:

Just like Socialbakers, you can analyze your client’s insights instantly, so, you have all the data and you can accordingly revamp your post ideations and tone to get more success. 

  • Super analyzing feature:

This tool allows you to analyze story insights and business insights for upto 6 months from the past.


05. Instagram insights:

Why look anywhere, if you have an Instagram business account! You have access to free analytics, which is, Instagram insights. The insight tool can show you when your audience is on Instagram, which post is getting popular, and what is your account’s impressions and reach. 

You can also compare your original post with a promoted one, this helps you to figure out which is working best. 

Instagram insights

Image - source


These tools will ease out your work and make it instant. And, above all, they are FREE. 

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