4 Surefire Tips to Make Money from Pinterest Account

4 Surefire Tips to Make Money from Pinterest Account

Whether we want inspiration for a tattoo or a hairstyle or even clothing style, we tend to switch to Pinterest. And, why not, it is a hub for every DIY and every inspirational quotes or design. 

Most of the marketers had no clue about how beneficial a Pinterest account can be, but the application proved them. It has proven to be most profitable. 

Also, Pinterest gained 70 Million monthly active pinners since the past year! 

There are about 335 million people who use this application, which means if you’re not already actively marketing on Pinterest, then now is the time to get into. And so, today we are going to learn about four tips to earn money from Pinterest. 

01. Affiliate Marketing:

If you are not sure about what affiliate marketing then here is the thing - Have you ever bought anything from your known or a family member, and it was solely because they recommended it. This is what affiliate marketing is! 

When you market a product of some other company, and they pay you a hefty commission on each purchase.
Affiliate Marketing

The secret is to grow connections!

Basically, affiliate marketing involves driving traffic to a landing page or on a website and selling a product through your ‘affiliate link’. On Pinterest, you can recommend products on Pinterest account for your followers to buy. When your followers purchase the showcased products, you get a commission from the company. 

Pinterest is the place to bring a whirlwind of interest amid the audience, and you can easily do it by putting up great creatives or images. All you have to do is make sure that you use the right keyword, so the product shows up when someone enters the related keywords in search. 

02. Banner Ads:

Another tip that increases your chance of earning money from Pinterest is by utilising banner ads on your website. It is different from affiliate marketing as for banner ads, you just need to drive traffic, and once you have the traffic, you make money, while with affiliate marketing you’ve to convince a user to buy. 

All you have to do is build traffic from Pinterest and put banner ads on the website. 

03. E-Commerce Sales:

If you own an e-commerce website, then it is time for you to make your sound presence on Pinterest. There are about 335 Million people on Pinterest and even if 1% of it is searching for your product then think about the profit. 

We all know, and once in our lifetime have turned towards Pinterest for fashion, home accessories or even a gift list. You can use this thing as the main focus; you can build up significant traffic for your e-commerce store. 

Put blogs or infographics linking to your website. This will take the traffic to your website, and in turn, you can have sales. 

04. Make Money As A Blogger:

If you have a blog and want to learn how to make money on Pinterest, then this is how you can -

  • Create personalised boards that are related to your blogs. If you have a food blog, then you have to create boards like recipes, tips to ease working in the kitchen, tools that you are missing, and other related topics. 
  • Create a free offer and pin them. Yes, free offers are the best thing that you can do who doesn’t love an offer. Make sure the offer is excellent and related to your website. This way, you can build interest and trust with users. Give them perfect bits of advice so that they subscribe to your emails too. 
  • Every time you post an article or a blog, create a pin for it. 
  • Like we share a post of others on Instagram and Facebook, you have to share the pins of others. It increases interaction with the audience. 
  • Next tip is to create group boards and pins with fellow bloggers and influencers to increase your reach and also to increase traffic to your blogs. 

For bloggers, Pinterest is the best way to bring people together to your website. And, when you have outstanding traffic, you can even put up affiliate links to earn more money or even sell your own products. 

digital marketing certified

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