4 Steps To Create A Successful Social Media Campaign!

Whether you are looking for a way to increase the engagement or you are looking for boosting your brand presence over the festival period or for awareness, it is important to look out for the social media campaigns!

If you want your brand to be showcased more, then it is important for you to focus on a social media campaign!

social media campaign

But, creating a social media campaign is not like having a cup of coffee, it is more like making a 7-course meal. Each of the dishes represents what your campaign is all about. And, if out of these one of the things don’t go as planned, or is not able to grab the engagement, the entire campaign goes down the drain. 

It should be clear, concise, and measurable! Moreover, your plan should outline your motive entirely. 

Though every brand/business is getting into social media marketing, only a few understand what needs to be done in a social media campaign. I have put together the points that you must focus on to help you polish your approach to social media campaigns. 

Let’s begin -

01. Define your social media campaign goal:

Before you begin, it is crucial that you note down what are the actual parameters, and this all circles around GOAL. For this, you can follow the S.M.A.R.T goal framework. It is about creating a relevant, achievable goal that will help you strategize for your social media campaign more clearly. 

  • Specific - What actually you want from the social media campaign? Do you want engagement? Are you looking for likes? Are you looking for follower increase? Specify the numbers. 
  • Measurable - The goal must be measurable! Any social media campaign must come up with a metric that proves that it has been successful. 
  • Attainable - While being creative, we often forget the limit at which we should stop. Your social media campaign goal must be within your reach. 
  • Relevant - Is it relevant to your bigger goals? 
  • Timely - Make a timeframe for your entire social media campaign and also a key metric that checks on the success. 

Also, include the following -

  • What will be the budget of the campaign?
  • Who is your audience? Take out the demographics, or a certain section you want to target. 
  • Which platform is best suited for your campaign?

In all, define campaign goals, key parameters, and strategies to bring it in action!

02. Decide what kind of content and what kind of campaign you need for different platforms:

It is time to decide the most important part - Content!

What kind of content you will need for each of the social media platforms. Whether it will be a video or a set of ads that you will put up. For instance, you might create a short video for Facebook and Instagram, or create an event by starting off with a special banner image. 

There are different types of campaigns but these are the most effective ones -

  • Influencer outreach - 

This type of social media campaign involves identifying influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and anywhere where your target audience is. These influencers are the best way to publish content, accept brand relationships, and also build fan bases. This increases your fan base and also market your products. 

  • UGC contest -

User-generated contests are the most successful ones. And, for sure, contests in all forms have been a hit always! Create a contest and spread it out, people will make your campaign a hit. These UGC contests are popular, engaging, and enjoyable. Make sure you reward those who participate. 

03. Create a content calendar for the week:

The next part is PLANNING! It is time for scheduling everything on a calendar systematically. What days and at what timing will you be posting content to your social media channels? What will be the copy for each of the setup posts? What will be the engagement factor for respective posts? 

You can set up a basic outline for each of the posts for the entire month. Make sure you have a hashtag for the entire campaign communication. 

04. Schedule, monitor, and analyze:

You have the entire wireframe, now you have to schedule it. Use social media tools to schedule your posts. There are many tools like Hootsuite and buffer, and many more. 

The social media marketing analytics tools will also help you see whether there is an engagement or not or the posts are doing well or not. These will also help you with the pointers that will help you improvise 

Schedule, monitor, and analyze

Look at the pattern - which post is doing well? Then, use this experience and knowledge to plan and strategize your tactics for the next campaign. 

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