2020 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know

The practice of creating valuable and relevant content with the aim of attracting and engaging the audience and transforming them from potential customers to real customers. By constantly creating content that people find useful, engaging, and interesting, brands and businesses are generating great revenue and amazing follow-backs. 

And, the reason why people find websites interesting is because of the interesting website content that we talked about in the previous blog. The call-to-actions, the newsletter, the offers, everything circles around the content. 

Content Marketing

2020 will be the year where people will focus more on content!

Content is still the king, and search engines love original and useful content!

The benefits of content marketing are beyond every tactic! 

  • It allows businesses to connect with their customers. 
  • Content relevant and useful to people encourage them to comment and follow the brand back. 
  • This commenting encourages the brand to strike conversations and discuss and convert them to customers. 
  • Content marketing has the potential to convert people! Yes, convince them to buy the particular services and products. 

Content marketing is authentic, convincing, and perfectly suited for people looking for building relationships with the customers and also drive revenue!

What content marketing trends should your eye be on? How you should change your strategies to keep up with the ever-changing digital world?

Well, hold on, I have researched and found what we have in store for you. 

01. Build result-focused content:

Content without any focus is unclear and uncertain! And, this is why you have to be more focused about your goals before you penning down creative content for marketing. 

Keep this in mind - The content which is easier to consume and is focused tends to get the desired results faster. 

Firstly decide what your content marketing goal is? Is it any of the following -

  • Increase website traffic. 
  • Generate sales.
  • Increase brand awareness. 
  • Get a higher Google ranking. 

Then, accordingly, decide what your next step to achieve any of these would be? For instance, if your focus is on generating sales, then you can go for creating creative content, especially for social media platforms. Like how the Nykaa Man did.

Moreover, if you want to get a higher Google ranking, then you have to dip your hand in SEO content. Ensure that you stick to one form while performing one, as Google as well as the audience loves those content which is focused on one thing, rather than being greedy and grabbing everything at once. 

02. Sharing on social media platforms:

Content marketing is the most successful on social media platforms than other platforms. The number of social media users is growing day by day, the estimated number that is thought of 2021 is about 3.1 Billion. 

And, hence with the entire audience, targeted and even the potential one on social media, it is super important to share your content on social media. It allows the brand to present its category/brand/products/services to people who are following the brand! 

The sharing and liking feature allows you to reach a wider audience, this nurtures the relationship you have with the current audience and also reach out to new people. 

I have also explained in my previous blog on how to make social media content.

The image content or social media content you will write should be engaging, impressive, and out-of-the-box. Be witty, be different. 

Some tips on how you can create good social media content!

  • For first keep your eyes always on the trend, or even better you can be a trendsetter. For instance, the Modi speech ‘AtmaNirbhar’ pointer was used to design a lot of content creatives. 
  • Limit your image content to just 4-5 words maximum, it makes more effect. 
  • Post games and quizzes to get more engagement and attract more comments. 
  • Audience focused content. 
  • Social media posts with a social awareness message get viral faster. 
  • Even content with educational, or striking news or the one with ‘do you know’ factor gets engagement faster. 

03. User-generated content is a whole new era:

User-generated content is the most trusted content. According to a study, 85% of consumers find user-generated more influential than brand content. Focus on more user-generated content, these are fit for any type of industry. 

Any type of content surrounding that has been created and put out there by consumers, or fans, for your brand is UGC. It can be a picture, video, testimonial, tweets, blog posts, and everything that promotes and paints a good picture of your brand. 

“More than 86% of companies today use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy.”

It not only engages customers but also allows the brand to create more content with little or no investment at all. For 2020, all you have to do is determine what inspires your audience to share content and how you can take advantage of it. 

Nearly 80 percent of people say User-Generated Content has a high impact on their purchasing decisions!

I have explained this in my blog related to user-generated content. Make sure you add user-generated content into your content marketing strategies for a fool-proof success. 

04. Video content:

50% of consumers say that online videos have helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy!

The videos are the most influential! People tend to remember more visual content than written content. So, get your hands on the video content. Writing a script or storyline around your brand or your brand’s product is the best way to indulge with the audience. You can even define the journey of a product in a story format to inculcate interest in the consumers. 

Video content

Moreover, there is influencer marketing to take a leap! Ask influencers to make a video around your service or product, these videos can be compiled and used to showcase how influencers loved your product. 

A winning video content script addresses the pain-point of the target audience and also provide a solution. For instance, Nykaa Man did videos with Viraj Gehlani, and Ankush and BeerBiceps to target the men audience perfectly with their grooming tips and also memes directed towards grooming, in turn, promoting their men’s grooming products category. 

Also, you can go ‘Live’ on your brand’s page!

Here are a few ideas you can do -

  • Webinars.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Product opening or demos. 
  • Behind-the-scenes or bloopers. 
  • Interview with experts or even the people from your brand to showcase their experience. 

05. Google Snippets:

Google snippets can be your focus too! If someone finds your content on the top in the form of snippets when they search for a particular ‘keyword’, then it instantly builds up the brand reputation. Every brand or business aspires to be a part of the snippet!

Google Snippets

Why? Google Snippets provide a huge amount of traffic and also build brand credibility. It provides useful adn accurate information to the audience searching for it. It’s a free website promotion leading to lead generation. 

You can do it by giving useful information, answering questions, and also including relevant keywords and also in the right amount.

Informative, useful, creative, and engaging, these should be the focus for you for acing content marketing. These days it is hard for digital marketers to attract and engage people in their brand but practices like updating the strategies would work well. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and has proven to generate 3 times more leads.

Content marketing and other modules of digital marketing are constantly updating, and you should always learn how to adjust and go hand-in-hand with the updates. 

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