15 Digital Marketing Certifications

15 Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Push your Career Growth to Hikes!

Isn’t it exciting to have the power over your life? It is mesmerizing and addictive, I would never let anyone take my position! Is it the same for you?

Well, digital marketing gives you the power to handle your career, to drive it off to the career highway. But, while you are on the driveway of ‘Digital Marketing Career’, you have to fill the toll, and it is through - Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital marketing is ever-changing, and so it is advised that you think outside the box, take all of the opportunities to stand out from the crowd. 

There are a lot of digital marketing certifications available online to shape you and make you ready for the new digital marketing era in 2020!

digital marketer

It keeps you competitive, and also keeps you dynamic! The digital marketing field is growing with a gap in recruitment and the only thing that can fill this bridging gap is digital marketing certifications! Still in doubt about the digital marketing certifications? And, what benefits it follows?

Go through this - 

  • You become ‘In-Demand’: The skill gap has grown more during this COVID-19 pandemic, and to clear it out and to be in demand again, the only pebble that helps you from sinking in the recession crisis is Digital marketing certifications. Taking up the certifications increases your chances to be hired at a good salary. 
  • More job opportunities: The big brands and businesses in digital marketing are putting up job openings for each and every position. In fact, hundreds of jobs have opened up this year because it is the only industry that is rising and gaining new heights. 
  • Get paid more: This is self-explanatory! If you are up-skilling in the field of digital marketing then you are going to skyrocket your pay-scale. You can ask for the salary hike with the extra skills and digital marketing certification in your resume. 
  • A position hike: Yes with the digital marketing certifications you can even step up into a managerial position and no one will stop you from asking for it. 

The benefits of having digital marketing certification are more than what you expect and what I have mentioned above. So, are you ready to know what digital marketing certifications can help you sky-rocket or I may say to ‘instantly grow your career’?

Yes, then let’s know about the certifications that are super-important to add to your profile. 

01. Google  AdWords Certification:

Advertising before was just through hoardings or printed, now the times have changed, to be precise they have been done through a digital medium. Digital advertising is just not limited to placing a banner ad on your website, it is more than that! Google AdWords is powerful in the digital marketing world. 

Google AdWords certification is essentially a certification that you can show off on your resume, website, and even on your social media bio to drive more sales for your business. The fundamental exam is a general test that focuses all on the basic-to-intermediate AdWords concepts. It is all about the following topics -

  • Online advertising.
  • AdWords processes. 
  • Best practices for campaign management. 
  • It includes specialty exams that are in accordance with search, display, mobile, video, and shopping. 

Google AdWords Certification

Reasons why you should get AdWords Certification!

  • You will have a better understanding of search advertisements, display advertisements, shopping advertisements, mobile marketing, shopping, and video marketing. 
  • Being certified in AdWords will obviously derive benefits in terms of employment. People will be more likely to hire you. 
  • Digital Advertising is the future and it is the future now! So, going hand-in-hand with current updates in the world of marketing is important, and this certification can really help. 

02. Google Search Advertising:

This certification is important so that you can show off the badge of mastery in building and optimizing Google search campaigns. The certified candidates will be able to exhibit the ability to take advantage of automated solutions like Smart Bidding, and Audience Solutions to hike and improve the campaign performance for specific marketing objectives. 

Why go for Google Search Advertising Campaign?

  • It aims at your vision of generating a plan to increase leads, sales, or web traffic using Google search. 
  • Ensure whether you are well-updated and aligned with the advertising. 

There are more digital marketing certifications like -

03. Video Advertising

04. Display Advertising

05. Shopping Advertising

06. Mobile Advertising

07. Google Analytics

08. Google Mobile Sites

09. Google Digital Sales

10. HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification:

There are different types of certifications that come under HubSpot certifications - Inbound certification, content marketing certification, Email marketing certification. HubSpot is known as an authority/the supreme in the inbound marketing space, and the certification is perfect for those who wish to get ahead of the race. 

Hubspot Inbound Certification:

Inbound marketing is all about the ‘Attract, Engage, Delight’ the target audience. It is about drawing the attention of visitors and potential customers in, rather than imposing the brand, product, or service. 

  • The inbound marketing is around the seven modules that cover everything you need to know to crack the course, it includes the fundamentals, creating buyer personas, and understanding the buyers’ journey. 

By giving this exam you prove that you have mastered the above-mentioned topics. 

It is absolutely perfect for novices who don’t know anything about the inbound or the professional experts who want to polish their basics.

11. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification:

As we taught you before - consistent, and quality content is a king! Content remains the core of digital marketing, and recruiters look for candidates who have amazing skills in writing and communication. 

The HubSpot content marketing certification covers the 12 categories that check all your updated knowledge. Having it is the direct ticket to getting a job in the most creative, fun, and full of ‘the power of words’ field, i.e., content marketing.

digital marketing

12. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification:

Email marketing is the go-to job for many! But, only with a condition, if you have the right skills! If you don’t prove it by giving the HubSpot Email marketing certification exam, you are not even close to perfection. 

How to generate an email marketing strategy, points that make an email marketing successful, and most importantly the strategy that makes your career/business/brand grow! - Yes, these important factors are checked when you receive a HubSpot Email Marketing Certification. 

13. Bing Certification:

So, you might be wondering what is Bing doing on this list? Well, Bing provides a wide range of certifications that will make you a certified digital marketer. The Bing Ads certification helps you to thoroughly understand how to manage and optimize a Bing Ads Campaign. 

To become a top candidate for the digital marketing job, you need to up-skill, upgrade, and update yourself according to the ongoing digital marketing world. And, for this digital marketing certifications are the proof that you satiate the edge for recruiters looking for aspirants. We at Orionators School of Learning provide the following certifications along with these, we give away two certifications -

One is from us, which makes you a certified orionators! This certification proves that you have mastered the skills and are ready for the market. 

Also, we give you a certification from Miraj!

Also, if you are eager to learn any of these techniques or the entire marketing, then learn digital marketing course at the OSL – Asia’s fastest-growing digital marketing school. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics, tips, and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and website design and development!

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They are just of INR 2100/- and completely curated for you!

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