Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

10 Amazing Hacks to Get Exploding Leads from Twitter

Twitter claims about 1.6 Billion unique visitors see tweets on third-party apps per month, which makes 500 million tweets a day and approx 200 billion tweets in a year. This makes twitter a realistic option that can be used to target potential customers. In the present scenario, twitter is an efficient tool that can help in giving your brand, an identity and voice. 

Since we know twitter is all about spreading information and instigating conversation over that. So, this turns out to be very helpful in involving with your audience and getting qualified leads for your business. We are here to list top 10 dangerously efficient tricks that help you generate leads through twitter:

1. Keep your ‘Bio’ Strong

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

Twitter Bio is an impeccable tool that helps in generating leads on twitter effectively because of it being the first thing any visitor sees. Although Twitter allows only 160 characters, there is still a lot of scopes to make creative on-point Bio.

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

Generally, people tend to write a small introduction to their business or about who they are in their bio, but to be able to generate twitter leads, it is advisable to:

  1. Add links to your quality content.
  2. Add hashtags relating to your business keywords.
  3. Drop links to your newsletter or PR or any successful campaign.

2. Add Information in the Header Image

Anybody who sees your twitter profile, header image draws their attention towards itself, because of it occupying a considerable area of the page. This makes it a great place to add useful information on. You can make use of this space as:

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter
  1. Add your business slogan/tagline on it
  2. Give updates about your business on it, like new addition in products/upgrade in services
  3. Promote your ad, adding a CTA

Make sure the links you show in the header image are short and easy to type, so that a consumer must not find it time-consuming, leading them to drop off the idea of reaching out to the link.

3. Analyze Well

To get more leads on twitter, knowing and analyzing your audience is important to be able to make effective marketing campaigns. For this, you will have to take help from the Twitter analytics tool. Click your profile image, select “Analytics” and there you are!

You will be able to see your monthly activity on top, leading the data of your activities in the past months. You can also see data about all your Twitter users, followers and non-followers, and your organic audience. 

You can also go to “Add Comparison Audience” to compare two sets of followers’ list. There are many more tools that will help you know the language, age, gender, demographics, interests, choices and preferences, buying styles, their devices and even their network service providers. 

Once you get such rich and elaborate data about your audience, targeting becomes easier and generating leads come in handy. 

4. Write Optimized Tweets

One can tweet about anything, be it status, image, link or video, but you have to make sure whatever the tweet is about it must be engaging.  It is recommended to: 

  1. Try to add an image in the tweet
  2. Include emojis
  3. Keep the text short and on-point.

It is advised, that to generate leads from Twitter, your profile must contain, 30% of your original content, 60% of the content you curate and 10% promotional content. This will never let the visitors lose their interest in your content.

5. Use Lead Generation Cards

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

LGC is an essential part of Twitter’s advertising. To be able to generate more leads, Lead Generation Cards allow your followers to send their Information through the tweet. How can this be created? Just go to Twitter Ads and click on “Creatives -> Cards”. 

You have to make sure you wisely choose the offer you give and a do not forget to add a catchy CTA. What happens is, whenever someone expands your tweet, they get to choose, whether or not they want to share their information with you. If they choose to give you the info, then twitter fetches their name, email and other details and takes them to the offer, without them having to leave twitter to open that post. 

You can manually download those contacts and add them into your CRM for further customer interactions. 

6. Choose Hashtags Smartly

Always know what keys are made to open the doors you want to reach. Didn’t get it? We are talking about hashtags! A good strategy is where the most trending hashtags of your niche are known and researched and then used. Try to find what hashtags are on top and know their meaning or purpose. 

7. Go Live Using Periscope

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

If your audience loves to see visual content, then there is nothing better than going live because:

  1. A major per cent of the audience loves to watch live videos.
  2. If they watch the live event through a live video, chances increase of them going to the same event.

8. Segregate Audience into List Sets

Creating lists on Twitter helps you fragment your audience into smaller parts, thus aiding a lot in targeting more personally. Also, grouping a set of an audience makes it easier for you to be able to check the tweets coming from your followers in a better way, without the feed getting flooded. Before you feel lost on how to segregate these lists, we can tell you the basis on which lists can be created:

  1. Behaviour pattern (frequent buyers, less frequent buyers, no buyers)
  2. The time for which they have been associated with you (recently added, added you long back, interested in adding)
  3. Their niche (they like content or posts or contests)

So, just go to your profile, select “Lists” and “Create New List”. Name the list and change the settings from the privacy settings. Upon going to the list page, you can search for the people you want to add in that list. You can always edit the list and add or remove the people you want to only up to 5000 members. You can make up to 1000 such lists.  But we suggest you make smaller lists so that it becomes easy to manage and you do not mess with the idea of giving a personal approach to your audience, as decided in the first place. 

TIP: Subscribe to public lists of your niche and provide useful information there that makes your impression of a good and responsible profile.

9. Pin your Tweets

Top 10 ways to get more leads from twitter

Want to get more lead from twitter? Make your content more visible! You can pin a tweet to your profile so that those pinned tweets appear at the top of your profile whenever anybody visits your profile. Some of those pinned tweets might also have a CTA that can take the audience to your landing page. This is also a wise strategy to generate leads from twitter. 

For this, you will have to go to your profile page, and then go to any tweet. Press the “Pin to your profile page” and confirm. Yay! Also, you can always unpin if you want to. 

10. Run Interesting Contests on Twitter and Chat Actively

A fun way to improve your lead generation using twitter is by creating interesting contests. Some of the most commonly used tactics are:

  1. Initiate polling campaigns
  2. Run a caption competition
  3. Ask questions from your followers, the questions that prompt them

But do not ignore the comments or participation, thereafter. Be very active in responding to your tweet responses and assure your followers that their participation is worthwhile. 

Twitter is a platform that is all about sharing information and getting new trends. You must pay attention to the customer service by interacting with your prospects and making them feel like they are heard. Not only will this help in generating leads but will also help in building a brand name and customers’ loyalty. 

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