Miraj Labels Club Mahindra Case Study

How did Orionators get INR 8.5 Lac worth sales just with INR 9,399?

About Miraj Labels: A fashion subsidiary of prestigious Miraj Group, Miraj Labels is on its run to be India’s biggest fashion retail chain. Starting from Udaipur, India the major objective of the brand is to provide high-end fashion experiences to second and third-tier cities.

About Campaign: The brand partnered with Club Mahindra and Resorts to provide a free holiday for 2Nights/3Days worth Rs 15,500/- anywhere in India with Club Mahindra on the purchase of Rs 1o,000/-.

Objective: The major objective of the whole campaign was to translate the opportunity to increase brand awareness in Udaipur, increase the footfall, and maximize sales. And also, people opt more for offer.


1. Small City Notions

As an agency, the major challenge of Orionators was to bring people to leave their “brands-being-costly” notion. And introduce them to the quality and exceptionalities of brands.

2. Competition

Being relatively new in the market, Orionators had to advertise for brand awareness to gain some foothold in an already crowded market. Udaipur is a traditional city, and local vendors plus 2-3 other retail fashion stores were already holding a majority of the market and the rest seem to not rely on brands.

3. Club Mahindra Reputation

Signs of distrust were conveyed towards Club Mahindra and Resorts. People found it as a marketing stunt of Mahindra Group.


1. Demographic Research

Demographic research

Orionators paid great attention to finding the demographic interest of the public around Udaipur, Nathdwara and nearby small cities.

2. Competitor Analysis

Orionators did regressive competitor research for brands such as Big Bazaar and Westside to get the client desired results using effective marketing strategies.

3. Formulating For CMR

Since for people to trust Club Mahindra and Resorts and to take the offer seriously, Orionators dugout pro’s and con’s of it to market what would boost the campaign.

The real work:

1. Awareness Needs

Launched only a few months ago, Orionators pulled out innovative campaigns to create brand awareness for the Miraj Labels.

The brand awareness was also collaborated with effective offline marketing to compensate for the stringent timeline. Overall it was the goal of Orionators to reach the 6Lac population of Udaipur, Nathdwara and nearby cities.

2. Recall rate

On analyzing the impact of the awareness campaign, the team analyzed the recall rate was crossing 2.17 out of 10, it was a good rate.

3. Traffic

Running consecutive campaigns, Orionators achieved the traffic of 5042 clicks. Costing us INR 1.85 per click which has resulted in 14% conversion i.e leads received for the offer.

4. Conversion

Out of 350 leads, the final conversion rate was 24% which is 85 people leveraged the offer.

5. Cost Per Conversion

The cost per conversion was Rs 109.87, and of which the total cost of the campaign that was weighed by Orionators was INR 9339.

Campaign Breakdown:

Campaign Analysis

Number of leads received= 350

Amount spent = INR 9339

Conversion % = 24%

Cost per conversion:- INR 109.87

Market Standard for retail: INR 2300

Total no. of conversions: 85

Conversion revenue: INR 8.5 Lac

Expected conversion from this step of the sales funnel would be 7-10

Expected sales amount = INR 70,000-100000


Demographic results

Campaign performance

As per the market rates, Orionators did a pretty good job for the Miraj Labels and Club Mahindra campaign. Good brand awareness was achieved. The campaign was optimized to a bespoke pool of audiences, behaviors as well as targeted channels, which ensured that the right audiences were targeted.

Orionators marketing strategy helped Miraj Labels in acquiring brand awareness, great footfall, and sales. Miraj Labels is in profits and the campaign is recorded successfully. 

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